15cm (6 inch) USB Powered Plasma Ball

15cm (6 inch) USB Powered Plasma Ball

15cm (6 inch) USB Powered Plasma Ball

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  • Static Electricity Plasma Globe Sphere with stand
  • Bolts of coloured light and electricity touch your fingers
  • Awesome mood lighting - perfect for a child's bedroom
  • Perfectly safe and won't give an electrical shock
  • Mains powered - Measures approximately 15cm tall


  1. My boy had been asking for a plasma ball for a while so I got this one for his birthday. I searched thru loads of reviews of all the ones you can get on amazon but they all seemed much the same. This one arrived well packaged. Other reviews had mentioned it warms up, which may be obvious considering what it is. But we only have it on for short periods of time. The plasma ball itself is really good and fascinating to play around with. Would be nicer if the base felt a bit more solid but you get what you pay for. The only real negative is that it says it responds to music, which is not really true. As far as we can work out it responds to vibration, so it really needs to be on the same surface as the speaker to work effectively. But its good value for what it is and my son was really happy with it. 
  2. My godson was fascinated with this and has put it next to his bed like a night light. He was full of questions and thought that he could get a shock, which was most amusing to the older children  
  3. The basic globe works, it's a bit cheap but it is glass (thin). The music/sound mode doesn't work. If you clap right next to it, it briefly reacts but placed on a speaker nothing happened at all so it does not react to music.