Beat That! Game

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  • HOUSEHOLD OBJECTS EXPANSION – Add a fresh twist to your game of Beat That! with these hilarious new challenges using everyday objects found in your home.
  • 80 BONKERS NEW CARDS – created so you can enjoy an even greater variety of Beat That! challenges at your next family game night, dinner party or get-together!
  • REQUIRES BEAT THAT! CORE GAME – some components from the core game are required to play these wacky new challenges, so make sure you have your copy of Beat That! to hand.
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES – Just like the core game, the Household Objects Expansion challenges have been designed so kids, teens and adults will all have a blast.
  • CONTAINS – 80 Challenge Cards, 2 Rule Cards and hours of fun!


  1. We bought for Christmas, opened the main game christmas eve and the add on pack christmas day. I have never laughed so much, it is really simple quick fun played for hours at all ages, I have medical issues and normal games take too long but these can be played in different ways and easily adapted based on space and needs you have which meant I could partake in the family fun this year. Would highly recommend the pack and also writing some of your own as you play and adapt some of the challenges. 
  2. Incredibly funny, the more you drink the funnier the games get and the more difficult. Don’t need to drink for the challenges to be funny and the kids can join in to, the game not the drink...  
  3. A great addition of challenges, it adds a different dynamic to the original game and some of these challenges are super fun! Especially the ones that use frying pans as bats!