Hot Wheels Unleashed Nintendo Switch

Hot Wheels Unleashed Nintendo Switch

Hot Wheels Unleashed Nintendo Switch

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  • Collect the world's raddest cars, build insane tracks and compete in the most exciting races!
  • Race side by side a friend in the 2-player local split-screen mode or face up to 12 players online
  • Bend and stretch the iconic orange track piece to create your unique design and then add special boosters, loops, obstacles and exclusive interactive elements to build your own racing paradise.
  • Massive, Themed playgrounds are ready to host the most immersive races.
  • Share your creations with the world or enjoy tracks made by other crazy players like you.


  1. We found this game really disappointing. The graphics aren't great and gameplay is poor. My 7 and 8 year were excited about this arriving but it was not worth money so we returned. 
  2. Full of glitches and overly confusing menus. Nothing is explained properly and the track editor is a mess of confusing key presses and poor implementation.

    Cars float off ramps and 1 crash can spoil a whole race. Collision detection is poor, handling is rubbish and some cars with maxed out stats are worse than rubbish entry level vehicles.

    I got the eshop version but I wish I had got the physical copy - because I could have got my money back.  
  3. I’m enjoying HWU not only to indulge in a long forgotten love of die cast cars but because it’s actually a pretty decent racer at its heart with a fair degree of difficulty and challenge.
    The switch frame rate does let it down a little and the dreaded stick drift is noticeable but it’s enjoyable for sure