LEGO 21172 Minecraft The Ruined Portal Set with Steve Mini Figure

LEGO 21172 Minecraft The Ruined Portal Set with Steve Mini Figure

LEGO 21172 Minecraft The Ruined Portal Set with Steve Mini Figure

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  • This LEGO Minecraft toy for kids 8+ years old features a buildable portal with hand-activated perilous, interdimensional gateway
  • The ancient portal, one of the most thrilling aspects of Minecraft, takes players through into never-ending imaginary new adventures
  • Includes popular Minecraft figure Steve plus familiar figures: a baby sheep, baby hoglin and a wither skeleton to battle with
  • Kids mine obsidian rock to repair a ruined portal and pass through it into the fiery red Nether where a wither skeleton and hoglin are waiting
  • Steve needs a new set of netherite armour, so kids mine gold for the furnace, then craft Steve’s new helmet, armour and sword


  1. Was really excited to get my hands on a Minecraft theme set and this one was a great start! I somewhat enjoyed the building experience, however it was often rather awkward as pieces would slide around and fall off, mainly around the portal.
    The minifigures are awesome, both the wither skeleton and steve look true to the game in lego form, and their items; the swords, pickaxe and armour look awesome and it's great to see some netherite armour thrown in the mix. The Sheep and Nether Boar (Can't remember the name) look great and work well in size comparison to Steve. The sheep does look a little small and derpy but I can look past it.
    The build itsis an awesome concept, the overworld mirrored against its Nether counterpart, which works well to fuel the builders imagination, the portal mechanic is also awesome, adding more to the playability of the set.
    This works as a great playset and as a neat little display feature! 
  2. I struggled a little with this build, my boy is not quite old enough to make it up himself, so I made it up for him. I am no lego novice, but was a little disappointed by the lack of interlocking on this build and it did not sing in the way other designs have that I have tried out recently. There was a point early on that disintegrated three times in a row before I finally got to a point that it was stable enough to carry on at my usual speed. I understand that Mind Craft is in its essence "blocky" but I was hoping for a little more intuitiveness and nice surprises in the design of the build that I always get a lot of joy from building lego sets for me and my lad.
    That said the finished model is mostly stable and the portal is good fun popping up and down, Steve is off on another adventure with the added bonus that when the model finally makes its way into the "lego blanket" there are plenty of useful blocks for the imaginative master builder!
    Cracking price for the size of model at £28 and not over priced like other Lego tie ups like Disney or Marvel, I was just a little disappointed with the design of the build, which is in my opinion, the point we all keep coming back for more.  
  3. This is another Minecraft set from Lego which again includes lots of the cooler/brighter bricks. This set has a hidden portal- this comprises two tall purple transparent bricks that can be lowered via a technic lever to open the portal and allow people/things to transport through. It comes with Steve, a black wither skeleton and two different animals that my boys inform me are a baby sheep and a baby hoglin (I wouldn’t have guessed this). There are two swords and a blue axe. This was a fairly easy set to build, and other than the portal doesn’t have much in the way of interactive/moveable parts. Because of how Minecraft is designed its also not too hard to partially dismantle this set to combine it with other Minecraft sets
    This set is likely to only appeal to Minecraft fans as the blockiness and strange minifigures/animals are not typical to Lego, but for those who are fans it gives them a reason to turn off the computer and move back to Lego.