LEGO 71360 Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course Toy Game

LEGO 71360 Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course Toy Game

LEGO 71360 Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course Toy Game, Buildable Game with Interactive Toy Figure

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  • LEGO Mario figure has colour sensors, plus LCD screens in his eyes, mouth and belly to display over 100 different instant reactions to movement
  • This Super Mario buildable toy also has a speaker that plays iconic sounds and music from the video game
  • Mario collects virtual coins as he runs and jumps from the Start Pipe to the Goal Pole, touching 7 action bricks for different interactions
  • Download the free LEGO Super Mario app for fun ways to play and more. Visit for a list of compatible devices
  • The LEGO Super Mario figure is powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included), delivering a highly interactive in-game experience
  • The LEGO Super Mario buildable game is a fantastic birthday or Christmas gift for all kids who love the game and LEGO Mario sets!


  1. So for context I’m 31 and purchased this for myself - as a huge fan of Nintendo/Mario and lego, I had to give this a go!

    Out the box it was really easy to put together. Mario connects to the app seamlessly and the build instructions on the app are a great idea (being able to 360 view the piece you’re building to make sure your doing it right is helpful - And even though these aren’t hard pieces to build, it’s still a fab idea).

    You’re only shown how to put the individual pieces together and how Mario can interact with them. After that, it’s up to you to build your course. This automatically made it a better toy then I originally thought - its driven by imagination from here.

    The idea of the gameplay itself is that using the clever Mario figure, you go round your course and collect various amounts of coins for the different element to try and get as many coins as you can as you complete your course in 60 seconds. And then you can rebuild the course to try new things. Fans of the original super Mario will love this and recognise how similar it is. Being able to build your courses is also a physical iteration of super Mario maker!

    The replay-ability is better then I thought it would be - even for a big kid! I’ve bought a couple of the character packs and They’re easy to scan and add to your course.

    Over all the set is fun, nostalgic and super intuitive. The app is great and works perfectly.

    The only downsides is that Mario does occasionally “read” something incorrectly, and he seems a bit “top heavy” for some of the course (most notable the cloud). I feel it could have come with some extra connecting pieces - but of course you can add normal Lego pieces for this (but he only “reads” green for grass, blue for water, red for lava and yellow for sand) 
  2. I bought this for my daughter as a reward for dealing with her first week of school. She loved it, she made a course, bobbed Mario along several times, then trotted him on around the lounge. She was so happy! But then it was bedtime and she packed it all away. I made a course for her to play the next day and when she came to it Mario would no longer scan the barcodes. All the unit does now is recognise red (lava), blue (water), and green (grass). None of the enemies, or interactive elements of the course can be read by the Mario figure, making it impossible to start or finish a course as intended.

    One evening's use. Not even heavy use.

    I suppose this has all been doubly surprising given that this is Lego and I've never had a problem with Lego in almost 40 years of assembling it. More annoying was that I bought an extra set to go with the Starter Set. Useless!

    I put a request in with Lego to replace the part on Sep 20th, but other than a generic acknowledgement email there has been nothing else (no shipping, no estimates). 10 days for a kid is a long time, especially for a toy she desperately wants to play with (now she's heard Mario react to the enemies there's no rebottling *that* genie).

    Obviously, the reviews for this are generally very positive, so I wouldn't expect the problem we have had to be a common one. The risk is there, though. If you are buying this for a child, just be aware that faults are an early possibility. Disappointed.