LEGO 75255 Star Wars Yoda Figure Attack of the Clones Set

LEGO 75255 Star Wars Yoda Figure Attack of the Clones Set

LEGO 75255 Star Wars Yoda Figure Attack of the Clones Set

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  • Delivered in Frustration-Free Packaging that is easy to open and made of 100% recyclable materials!
  • Display LEGO Star Wars figure of Yoda, a detailed, buildable version of the unmistakable character that kids and fans adore!
  • This version of Jedi Master Yoda, Star Wars collectable figure with Lightsaber stands over 16” (41cm) tall, a centrepiece for any collection
  • Features intricate detailing, posable head and eyebrows, movable fingers and toes and Yoda’s favourite weapon, the green Lightsaber
  • Also, features a fact plaque with details about the Jedi master and a stand for the included Yoda minifigure and Lightsaber to impress any fan
  • The Star Wars buildable model of powerful Jedi master Yoda looks great on display at home or in the office, impressing any fan of Star Wars!
  • This Star Wars: Attack of the Clones collectable makes a great birthday gift, Christmas present or just a Star Wars present for any occasion


  1. I was initially sceptical about spending over £80 on lego, as I had only recently started collecting it. However, I took the plunge, and regret it, I do not. I couldn't be happier with this set. It was the biggest lego set I had ever built, but it was immensely enjoyable. it wasn't overly challenging or frustrating, it was simply a way of escaping and relaxing. The build quality is brilliant and the detail that has gone into this model is awe-inspiring. How they get little plastic blocks to resemble a character in such detail amazes me. I soon forgot about the price when I saw the figure coming together piece by piece. I highly recommend it. Regret buying Yoda... you won't. 
  2. This set is one of the full buildable characters that Lego have been doing in recent years, following on from BB8 and The Porg.

    This one contains over 1700 pieces, making it really good value for the price (perhaps helped by their being a lot of the same colour due to his cloak).

    The build is great fun and definitely one that requires a lot of focus. With the cloak layers made up of so many bricks of the same colour it is very easy to make mistakes.

    The finished character looks great , is very solid and is definitely well suited to being on display. For those wanting a good chunk build at a good price and that produces one of the most iconic Star Wars characters then this is easy to recommend.  
  3. This was enjoyed by an 11 year old at Christmas. There was a good level of challenge and the finished piece looks great. It is now proudly displayed on a shelf in his room. The drawback with these sets is that children don't like to disassemble and then play creatively, but at least with this one it looks well on his shelf.