LEGO 75288 Star Wars AT-AT

LEGO 75288 Star Wars AT-AT

LEGO 75288 Star Wars AT-AT

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  • Delivered in Frustration-Free box that perfectly protects the original LEGO packaging, it’s easy to open and made of 100% recyclable materials
  • Detailed LEGO brick version of the iconic AT-AT (75288) Walker - celebrate 40 years of Star Wars with this 40th Anniversary set
  • Includes 6 LEGOStar Wars minifigures – Luke Skywalker, General Veers, 2 AT-AT Drivers and 2 Snowtroopers, all with weapons
  • Features posable legs, a posable head with opening cockpit for 3 minifigures and spring-loaded shooters
  • There are also foldout panels, a speeder bike, winch, bottom hatch so Luke can throw in the thermal detonator element, and more
  • The AT-AT vehicle measures over 13” (34cm) high, 145” (38cm) long and 55” (15cm) wide Fans can also drive it in the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga video game


  1. This Star Wars Lego set is a brand new (for 2020) model of the classic At-At from Empire Strikes back (for the 40th anniversary).

    The set looks fantastic, a really good model and is a ton of fun to build. The finished model is really robust and will cope with solid play.

    The set has plenty of space. The cockpit takes 3 figures (2 pilot figures and a minifig of General Veers). Both sides lift out and there are 5 seats to take snow troopers (2 included) and the back opens to take the snow speeder.

    The set comes with a winch and line play feature, to which you can attach the included Hoth pilot Luke figure.

    The only slight negative on this one is that the price is quite high but I would say the quality and olayability makes it worth it. Overall an excellent set. 
  2. Our son is totally into Clone Wars and even more appreciates the First Order than original trilogy stuff. But I couldn’t resist to add an AT-AT to our growing collection, that is heavily played with on a daily basis but kept very complete.
    This 1267 piece set is a great addition to our collection, And one that offers a lot of play value. The lego AT-AT has a pretty good likeness of the iconic walker. It is fairly sizeable at about 35 cm in height. Importantly, it includes a number of extra like a speeder bike, a heavy e-webb blaster and of course 6 minifigures. This combination makes the set well worth the price.
    The walker has several side panels that can fold open and a bottom hatch though with Luke can throw his deadly detonator. The cockpit nicely holds the drivers and general Veers. There is a spring-loaded shooter and a winch a line so that Luke can climb up. The 2 AT AT drivers are the most pleasing figures in the set, followed by General Veers. The Snowtroopers are quite standard but vital, though I will have to order quite few more as only two were included (potentially cheap non-Lego figures). We will use Luke as a generic X-wing pilot as we already have plenty of him in this version.
    The built was good, somewhat time consuming. I build it along with my young imperial engineer. There were some Technic pieces that are sometimes a little more complex for him. But in general he could progress well without much assistance from my side required. Of course as is always the case with lego animals, dragons ect. the building of the AT AT’s 4 legs gets very repetitive. On the other hand, no stickering is required.

    Despite my concerns the finished model is quite sturdy and stands well on its own, the technic pieces lend it a lot of strength. Thus and it is really swell suited for the meany battle my son will involve it in.
    There are a few drawbacks; as said, more snow troopers would have been nice. Also, the snowtroopers are not wearing white hip capes. More importantly, the overall model is entirely covered with studs unlike many of the modern Lego Star Wars vehicles. This could have been prevented with a more creative use of panels (the UCS Sandcrawler is a good example). And scale wise its is still a little small as a walker.
    Nevertheless I’m really pleased with this set and I think the whole combination justifies the somewhat high price point.
    Now I need to get some snow speeders, and perhaps the rebel base… which will set us back a fair bit