LEGO 75302 Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Building Set

LEGO 75302 Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Building Set

LEGO 75302 Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Building Set

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  • Delivered in Frustration-Free Packaging that is easy to open and made of 100% recyclable materials!
  • The Star Wars shuttle building toy features an opening minifigure cockpit, foldable wings for flight and landing mode, plus 2 stud shooters
  • The shuttle's main compartment has an opening with space for 2 LEGO minifigures to play out scenes from the classic Star Wars trilogy
  • Includes 3 LEGO Star Wars minifigures: Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker with Star Wars lightsabers, and an Imperial Officer with a blaster pistol
  • This action-packed LEGO Star Wars set looks awesome on display, it also includes a handcuffs accessory for additional fun, creative play
  • This LEGO Star Wars building toy comes with easy-to-follow instructions, so LEGO beginners will soon be building with Jedi-like confidence
  • LEGO Star Wars sets with Star Wars minifigures are an excellent birthday present or Christmas gift idea for all fans of the series!


  1. This s a neat scaled-down and therefore affordable version of an iconic spaceship. We have quite a collection of Lego Star Wars imperial gear and space ships but not much from Endor and certainly this shuttle is a cool addition to our collection. This will prevent us from chasing the former Tyderium Shuttles (7166 and 75094) on Ebay- but only for a while.

    The built of the 660 piece set was not too demanding for my seasoned 7-year old imperial officer, we completed the project in about 2.5 hours. With only the duplicate wings construction being bit tedious.
    The completed built is fairly impressive, and comes in the right proportions. The wings in their spread position look cool. Yet the body is of the same size as our much beloved Imperial Landing Craft (75221) while in practice this shuttle would be larger. Moreover it borrows quite a few elements from the Landing Craft like the single-figure cockpit, which is a bit boring. The consequence is that this shuttle looks a little small compared to say, our X-wings and Y-wings and certainly compared to the impressive and menacing Krennic Shuttle (75156).
  2. Picked up this set at a substantial discount on Prime Day and it was a great build for that price. Good part count, some nice features to build, including a really satisfying mechanism to lift the main fin and access the interior.
    The minifigs are excellent and we're much needed additions to my growing Star Wars lego collection.

    At full price, this one's not amazing, however. Not a thrilling build, and a less than brilliant model when completed with some odd gaps and areas the look a little unfinished (wings and below cockpit).

    Try and grab one in a sale before it is retired.  
  3. Easy build tool less than an hour when I got into it.
    Great selection of minifigs for the price and a very sturdy ship when completed!
    Some good play features with the passenger and pilot seating areas, wings fold up and down nicely and are very sturdy, definitely a great addition to my collection would recommend to anyone unsure of purchasing!