LEGO 76192 Marvel Avengers: Endgame Final Battle Super Heroes Set

LEGO 76192 Marvel Avengers: Endgame Final Battle Super Heroes Set

LEGO 76192 Marvel Avengers: Endgame Final Battle Super Heroes Set

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  • Delivered in Frustration-Free Packaging that is easy to open and made of 100% recyclable materials!
  • This LEGO Marvel Avengers building toy features a compound with Iron Man’s lab where he is constructing the awesome Nano Gauntlet
  • Features include a large cannon that turns, tilts and shoots a large, rubber-tipped arrow and a turn-and-tilt radar on the roof
  • Includes a leisure and meeting area, where superheroes can convene, a truck that opens to reveal a time-travelling machine and a prison cell
  • Includes 6 LEGO Avengers minifigures: Thor, Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch and a Centauri warrior
  • Also includes LEGO Marvel Avengers Thanos figure and an Ant-Man microfigure; accessories include snacks, drinks, and a weapon-rack
  • This LEGO Marvel Avengers set is packed with authentic details, such as Thanos’s double-bladed sword, that rebuilds into 2 single-handed swords


  1. I primarily chose this set as the main Birthday gift to our son as it comes with a wide selection of super heroes. Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, Thor and even Wanda are included. Would have liked a hulk as well rather than the big Thanos figures, but he was probably not present in this specific battle. And I understand that some baddies had to be included as well. The fact hat this tiny Ant Man figure is included as well is a winner and will be a guaranteed favourite of the children .
    The building itself is a little underwhelming - its more like a building front with some suggested rooms with holograms on the inside. The Thanos cage is perhaps the most impressive and useful part. The brown van is nice, but a little small in scale. The included projectile launcher adds to the play value and the large rubber-tipped missiles are much better than the stud shooters or the erratic transparent missile shooters.
    The build of this 527 piece set was fairly satisfying given the many included minifigures. As always the Lego instructions were very clear. Our 8-year old super experienced brick constructer had little problem putting its together and even managed to place each of the stickers very carefully (and not worse than I would have done it).
    All in all I would say 5 stars for play value, 5 for the minifigures selection these two features already make the set worth its money. Then I would rate it 4 for the build and 3 for the final completed set/model. But on average I would still rate it a 5-star set. 
  2. I bought this set mostly for the Minifigures as it's a great little collection of some of the avengers from the Infinity Saga movies. (notably, the Thanos figure that we see in the films (without a helmet), Thor with his Stormbreaker, Iron man with the shield piece, Scarlet witch with the pink splash pieces, and the small Antman Nanofigure)
    The set has some nice play features with the jail cell for Thanos, the soft projectile shooter, and Antman's van back door opening. These make it quite enjoyable for any kid to enjoy the set.
    The whole build looks quite good and the figures are definitely very good in this set however, LEGO's price of £79.99 is way too much in my opinion. That makes the price per piece value roughly £0.15/piece, and LEGO normally charges roughly £0.10/piece. I also think they should've added an infinity gauntlet for Thanos as this is the "Endgame Final Battle" so it would be fitting.

    Overall, I would recommend this set if it's on sale but can't really justify paying £80 for a few (very nice) Minifigures, a van, and a medium-sized building. If this is a gift for a kid, they would enjoy the van and the shooter coming off the building - the jail cell is quite a nice addition to keep Thanos after shooting him with the projectile or however the kid wants the scene to play out.  
  3. Infinity Saga 76192 Avenger’s End Game Final Battle 8+
    The main building is 2 storeys and almost entirely glass fronted- with lots of big transparent dark grey windows. The building has a laser controlled prison cell- which Thanos can be locked in- but the laser section can flip down to allow him to escape. Inside the building, as well as the cell are some holograms, a table for 3 avengers and a desk area with more hologram/computer displays. On top is a large satellite dish which can be rotated 360 degrees. Beside the building is a large rubber bullet shooter on one side and a large wall with an A Avengers sign. The set also comes with a brown van which has space to hold a driver and prisoners or items. The back opens using clips to reveal a hidden control panel.
    This set comes with ant-man who is a micro fig who is much smaller but is more detailed than previous micro figs we’ve had. He looks good and our 7 and 10yr olds loved the difference in size to the other avenger minifigs giving the sense that he really is an ant man. The other figs are Captain America, Iron Man (red and gold), Thor, Scarlett Witch, Black Panther, Chitauri and Thanos. Thanos is gigantic in size to the minifigs (more than double) but he has less posability (can’t move his legs.) He has a 2x2 space on his back so you can attach other things onto him. We really like the transparent blue and pink power accessories which show their powers being used.
    This was a fairly quick build, between 1 and 2 hours and the instructions were easy to follow. This set has good playability and whilst the build wasn’t very stretching we enjoyed it and the play afterwards.