LEGO 76193 Marvel Avengers The Guardians of the Galaxy Ship Set

LEGO 76193 Marvel Avengers The Guardians of the Galaxy Ship Set

LEGO 76193 Marvel Avengers The Guardians of the Galaxy Ship Set

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  • Delivered in Frustration-Free box that perfectly protects the original LEGO packaging, it’s easy to open and made of 100% recyclable materials
  • Features the iconic Guardians of the Galaxy LEGO spaceship with an opening cockpit and room for all the LEGO Marvel minifigures from the set
  • Fun features include a weapon store, computer and a place for the LEGO Marvel Avengers minifigures to snack on coffee and doughnuts
  • Includes Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, Mantis, Thor and Chitauri warrior LEGO minifigures, plus cool weapons and accessories
  • It’s cool on the inside as it is on the outside, with a sturdy, rotatable stand allowing the spaceship to be positioned for a dynamic display
  • This 1901-pieces large LEGO set is 14 in/36 cm long & 23 in/59 cm wide, it makes a great Guardians of the Galaxy gift for Marvel Avengers fans


  1. I loved the overall structure of the model and how it was built. It is far better than the Infinity War variant which lacked both detail and accuracy in the model and the set's minifigures. However, the minifigures included in this new set are questionable. The Star-Lord, Thor, Mantis, Rocket and Groot are perfect however the inclusion of a Chitauri figure is odd because it makes much more sense to include Drax and a new Nebula figure with her Endgame outfit in its place which would offer the full range of the Guardians of the Galaxy at the end of Endgame. 
  2. It was missing a couple of pieces but I sent off for them using Lego’s replacement service and they sent me new ones a couple days later. Other than that, it looks amazing!  
  3. OK. If you like Lego/Marvel. This is a good value for money kit. Such a good build meaning the only problem you have is where to display it.