NERF Elite 2.0 Echo CS 10

NERF Elite 2.0 Echo CS 10

NERF Elite 2.0 Echo CS 10

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  • UPGRADE-READY BLASTER: customise the blaster for every battle or mission by taking advantage of the removable stock, removable barrel extension and the four tactical rails
  • INCLUDES 20 NERF DARTS: comes with 24 Official Nerf darts to fully load the 10-dart clip – and 14 more darts for reloads
  • SLAM FIRE: move the priming slide backwards and forwards, and press the trigger to fire one dart. Hold down the trigger and keep moving the slide to slam-fire all 10 darts fast
  • FIRES DARTS UP TO 27 METRES: go the distance with this blaster that fires darts up to 27 metres


  1. My son loves this, but I have to say, it doesn't propel the bullets as far as I had anticipated; in fact, some barely manage a couple of feet from the gun before nose-diving pathetically. I'm pretty sure, when I was a child, my brother's Nerf gun (circa 1990ish) would shoot from one side of the room to the other. Maybe too many kids from the 90s lost an eye or two, so safety regulations have limited the velocity the bullets in today's nerf guns? No idea. 
  2. Ordered two of these. My boyfriend wants a nerf war so I ordered one for me and one for him - obviously I needed something to defend myself with. Amazing quality for the price, including the 12 bullets included. Will definitely be creating hours of fun . We are both in our 20s so I would say this is a great gift for both kids and adults  
  3. Don’t be deceived by how plain this looks. It’s a powerful gun with good distance and well worth the money.