Pictionary Air Harry Potter Magical Family Drawing Game

Pictionary Air Harry Potter Magical Family Drawing Game

Pictionary Air Harry Potter Magical Family Drawing Game

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  • Choose a Hogwarts house for each team, then get up and get drawing with Pictionary Air Harry Potter, a magical twist on the classic drawing game!
  • Use special Harry Potter clue cards inspired by the Wizarding World to be drawn with Harry's wand!
  • Players take turns drawing clues in the air and interacting with the images while their teammates guess!
  • Download the free Pictionary Air app and the active player will appear, along with their sketch, on the screen of your smart device.
  • Players can cast gameplay onto their TV using Apple TV, Chromecast or compatible streaming device at home. Compatible streaming device required. Check the Pictionary Air support page online for device compatibility and other information.
  • Pictionary Air Harry Potter is perfect for an active magical family game night!


  1. I returned this as it needs APPLE TV to work with IPhone even though I have a smart TV.
    You have to download a smartphone app and point the phone camera at the player with the “pen”. The app detects the light from the pen and shows the “drawing” on the screen of the smartphone. Unlike apps such as YouTube, this app will not send a picture directly to the smart TV. It relies on the built- in IOS MORRORING to APPLE TV if you have one. Since the game is pretty useless without a large screen all the players can see, don’t buy unless you have compatible streaming equipment. Of course you could spend the extra money for APPLE TV but it adds a lot to the price of the game. 
  2. This had so much potential, but is soooo badly executed. We were hoping this would be our next Christmas party hit, but have ended up with a dud. The 'pen' just doesn't work. You end up with parts of the image being drawn, which no matter how skilful you are are totally incomprehensible. We played one round and everyone was bored and frustrated.

    We tried to cast onto the TV, but the camera would pick up a double image. Everything about this awful. Save yourself an evening of frustration and buy the original.  
  3. When I saw this this product I thought it could be a fun way to spend an evening. In Reality this game was a short lived disappointment. I can be quite forgiving but not in this case. The task was over before it began. 14.99 spunked down the drain. If you are casually looking for fun games as I was, implore you to reconsider. Basically you plug it in, and it draws a load of lines even without moving the drawing pen. We tried just putting the pen down entirely, still made shapes even though it wasn't moving, tried resetting the app and everything. This item sucks