Streetz True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Pink

Streetz True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Pink

Streetz True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Pink

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  • Excellent Sound Quality: With Bluetooth V5.0 + EDR and technology, it provides faster pairing and more stable connectivity. Enjoy listening with the high-definition stereo music output. So you can stay in the music world, watch movies and share headphones with your surroundings.
  • One button control:With just one button, you can turn on/off, pair, call, listen to the following songs, play music or pause They are easy to connect, the two headphones can automatically connect between after switching on and can automatically connect to your phone after the first connection.
  • High Capacity: Extremely low power consumption, allowing 4-5 hours playback time in high quality. With only 1.5 hour charging time, you can enjoy up to 4 hours of carefree music enjoyment. The tiny charging box recharges the earphones up to four times completely. So you never run out of music on the go, even when you're out for a whole day.
  • Perfect fit and small size: Ergonomic and ergonomic design of the headphones allows for long-term comfortable use, extremely light and elegant design, fits perfectly to your ear and is comfortable for many hours without pain. and are therefore safe and stable when running, cycling, training, jogging, hiking or exercising.
  • One-step paring technology: open the box, you can seamlessly pair this device to your Bluetooth devices automatically without any problem. You don't need any skills to use Wireless earbuds. In a couple of seconds, you will be in your euphonic music world.


  1. For some bizarre reason I can only have one earphone connected at a time so you cannot listen to anything in stereo which is fine if you're Vincent van Gogh!. Unfortunately I cannot find any contact info so I'll be sending them back. 
  2. Although they work fine as a temporary solution until you find some better, wireless earphones, they're not very good in the long run. One earbud only has enough battery for maybe about ten minutes, while the other one can be used for longer, however certainly doesn't match the advertised battery life. The earbud with low battery also gets overheated.
    The earphones are VERY sensitive to touch, just rubbing your fingers on the wrong spot can end a call, and fiddling with it can bring up all sorts of stuff, very annoying.
    When using them to call other people, it's muffled, and your own voice is muffled as well. Hard to hear other people, and people have a hard time hearing you as well. There's also a slight delay in audio with videos/games, but that might just be me.

    All in all, I really regret looking at the reviews a bit more, and you're better off saving your money and buying something better.  
  3. The earphones themselves were good quality for the price, but the charging cable supplied in the box did not fit into the charging port (nor did any other universal USB cable we already had!). So once the earphones had lost their initial charge, they were rendered unusable and therefore returned to the seller.