Studio Creator Video Maker Kit Deluxe

Studio Creator Video Maker Kit Deluxe

Studio Creator Video Maker Kit Deluxe

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  • Create your own professional quality videos
  • Use your favourite apps to insert backgrounds and share
  • Tripod with height and angle adjustment - max height 50cm
  • USB powered light ring with 3 light modes
  • Create, edit and share
  • Includes green screen to change your backgrounds


  1. Our 10-year old loves to make funny small movie clips that she shares with family and friends. To boost her social media / influencing status we bought her this video maker set with green screen. I had my doubts as it seemed a bit expensive at £27. And my concerns were justified. Still its nice to have and it works well.
    The set contains a fairly large green screen, double sided tape, a small stand, a ring led lamp , some stickers and an instruction booklet. Now each of these items except for the stickers have issues. And with the exception you can use your own materials to create a similar set up. Or you can order the items separately on Amazon much cheaper. Having said that, this will get you everything need to get started, it is fairly easy to use and all is presented in a nice sizeable colourful box. So it makes an excellent present. And it is great fun to make such movies.
    However the ring lamp with stand is plastic and a little flimsy. One of the bolts of the stand came loose while unpacking and I had to use a tool to get it back in place. Moreover it is only about 40 cm in height, so it is more like a tabletop stand. We have microphone and camera stands at hand that we attached it to have it at full body length. The light has 3 brightness modes and is powered by a fairly short 2m USB cord. For that reason we use a small portable USB power bank. These ring lamps including stand are offered for less than £10 on Amazon. The green screen is nothing more than a green paper table cloth, that will tear after using it several times, but it can be bought for less than £1. The instructions in the booklet are minimal and its more about warnings children about online acvtivity, which is fair. Here you will find some references and suggestions of free third party apps that allow you to use green screen technology. So there is no proprietary app or software included in this set, which surprised me a little bit. The included sticker set is pretty useless. Then you’ll have to download some suitable back grounds online and add them to your photo library on your mobile phone. We made some nice and hilarious Harry Potter and Star Wars movies this way.
    Yet in the end there are many free apps available these days with background filtering technology that do not require a green-screen. Video conferencing software like Zoom and Teams has this included and you can simply use that technology to record small movies with your mobile phone. So this defeats the purpose of such an elaborate set up.
    Three stars (two for the quality, three for the ease of use, five for the fun) 
  2. This was a perfect gift for my 9 year old daughter who likes to video herself doing little dances. Instead of balancing her phone on a table she can now attach it to this! The tri pod is smaller than I expected, I thought it would be taller but it’s approx 50cm tall but is very steady and she can stand it on a table if needed to be higher. The LED ring light does a couple of different colours and the tri pod folds down for storage. It was a great buy!  
  3. The ring light is fantastic, the green screen is great quality and the tripod is excellent. The only reason I can't give five stars is the lack of software. One recommended app doesn't work with my daughter's phone... The second is so complicated to navigate, even YouTube videos are fill of comments taking about how complicated it is to use the green screen technology. It should be film and go. Can't fault the hardware at all though. Or the price.