Think Words

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  • The quick thinking letter pressing game
  • Name it, press it, pass it
  • Seconds to learn hours of fun
  • 10 seconds to answer.


  1. We wanted a game that was quick to play with little or no setting up, and simple rules. This is an excellent example of that type of game.
    Basically, you choose a card which has a category on it, and then all name words in that category in turn - some of the answers can be highly amusing!
    The only problem we had (and this may be because of the people involved, to be fair!) is that some of the answers were very dubious and because of the pace of the game you are so busy thinking of your own answer that you miss one that really shouldn't be allowed - e. g igloo as answer for something that can be found in garden.

    Lots of fun though, if you're not competitive enough to argue whether the answer is in fact correct! 
  2. My little granddaughter was so excited to receive this game. It has been a huge success. It is suitable for all ages 8 years and up. It is a fast moving fun game which engages all the family, no time to be bored waiting for your turn, as happens with so many board games.
    Makes children think quickly and is excellent, creates a lot of laughter and hilarity, a great purchase.  
  3. This is such a good game for children, but it's also a really fun game for adults and for families. Playing with many generations is great fun, as the kids will make the adults laugh with what they come up with (my nephew answered 'grandad's bottom' when asked to name something that squeaks). The games comes with cards, but you can make up your own categories.