Ticket to Ride Board Game

Ticket to Ride Board Game

Ticket to Ride Board Game

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  • STRATEGY GAME: Build your tracks across Europe in this fast-paced and strategic board game. Connect iconic European cities across a map of the early 20th-century Europe and build your train routes to earn points
  • FUN ADVENTURE GAME: Ticket to Ride Europe is a multi country train adventure game in which players collect and play matching train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities through Europe! LOOKING FOR NEW ADVENTURES? Try Ticket to Ride expansions (Note: Expansions require Ticket to Ride Board Game to play)
  • MULTIPLE WAYS OF SCORING POINTS: Players collect train cards that enable them to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America. The longer the routes, the more points they earn. Additional points come to those who can fulfill their Destination Tickets and to the player who builds the longest continuous railway
  • FAST AND EASY TO LEARN: With elegantly simple gameplay, the game can be learned in under 15 minutes and enjoyed time and time again, whether it's your first time building a rail empire or an old favorite
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This family and adult board game can be played with 2 to 5 players. The average playtime is 30-60 minutes PLAY WITH ALEXA: Using a compatible Echo device, say “Alexa, launch Ticket to Ride” and play against Alexa!


  1. As a family we uhm'd & aah'd over this game for the best part of a year. No matter how many people told us it was great, or how many reviews we read or awards it won, we just couldn't get past the fact that it looked....well...boring!

    Eventually, we decided to give it a shot.

    I wish we'd bought it sooner! The whole family loves it. It's a very very simple idea involving very simple game play.
    My 9 year old picked it up very quickly and, after eventually coaxing a screen obsessed teen away from her tablet/phone she also got into playing.

    A highly recommended hit for the whole family. 
  2. I'm not a boardgame enthusiast, but I bought this in an attempt to introduce an activity into the household that doesn't involve passively sitting in front of a screen - and it's been a big hit.

    Simple to learn, it takes one game to get to grips with the mechanics and after that the strategy and tactics elements are easy to develop from there, and you get a deeper experience the more you play it. The scoring is really effective in creating excitement, particularly towards the end of a game, and the gameplay rewards both risky and conservative approaches, depending on how the board develops.

    It's really inclusive, and has unbelievable replay value. I love it.