Transformers Generations Kingdom Titan WFC-K30 Autobot Ark Action Figure

Transformers Generations Kingdom Titan WFC-K30 Autobot Ark Action Figure

Transformers Generations Kingdom Titan WFC-K30 Autobot Ark Action Figure

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  • The Ark becomes a robot: Autobot Ark converts between Ark ship and robot mode in 26 steps; ship mode features landing gear and a ramp that comes down
  • Convert to Teletraan-1 : figure’s chest piece can be removed and converts into the Autobot computer, Teletraan-1, with detailed heads-up displays and then converts to a Deluxe Autobot Mainframe robot mode in 21 steps
  • Accessories: comes with 2 Beast Wars-inspired Golden Disk accessories (Voyager and Vok)
  • Includes: 6 blast effects and a G1-inspired Sky Spy accessory that sits on top of Teletraan-1 mode
  • Golden Disk card: includes a Golden Disk card that reveals a possible destiny of a key character
  • Not for children under 3 years


  1. Perfect toy for play or displaying. 
  2. As the conveyance that originally brought the Autobots and the Decepticons to Earth, the Ark has always been a vital part of Transformers mythology. Surprisingly, though, after almost four decades there has been hardly any toys/models of it. Furthermore, prior to ‘War for Cybertron’ it has never been able to transform into a robot itself. For many fans and collectors this, therefore, will be a much sought-after product.

    However, its size will be as much as a detriment to some potential purchasers as it is a draw. If you own any of the other Titan Class figures then you will know what to expect. It is colossal. It’s too large to serve as a toy for younger children, especially in terms of transforming it. Finding space to display could also prove an issue. However, if you can find it a home, it looks spectacular in either mode.

    The spaceship is, of course, the familiar mode. Thankfully this is the yellowy orange version that appeared at the start of the cartoon and comic in the eighties. Obviously, it is meant to look exactly like it appears in the Netflix ‘War for Cybertron’ series. But due to making the transformation work it has four thrusters rather than five.

    There is a vast amount of detailing all over it; the paintwork on the aforementioned thrusters being a particular highlight. It also possesses a ramp that can be lowered at the back and a removeable command module/bridge/deck. The ramp is just for show, but it is a nice little addition that works well for display purposes.

    The removal of the bridge section leaves a cavity that conveniently, and quite likely possibly not by intention, is a perfect fit for any toys of the WFC Cliffjumper/Bumblebee mould. If you so wish you can seat one of them in there and pretend the Ark is a one-man fighter instead. You can even see the head through the windscreen. Netflix Bumblebee, with his similar colour scheme, is the best match.

    The robot mode is also very impressive and, surprisingly, I think I prefer it to the ship and will display it that way. Inevitably it is a bit chunky in places, but considering it has been engineered from the appearance of a long-established vehicle, it is a strong effort.

    The transformation process is not as complicated as you might expect from a Transformer of such size. It is also fairly intuitive and enjoyable, though you are not likely to perform the process that often due to the sheer size. However, the transformation does involve the figure’s only major flaw. Two little side panels on either side at the front will pop off virtually every time. They are easily fixed back on but it is irritating when some simple engineering could easily alleviate the issue.

    The Ark also comes with a transformable figure of Teletran 1. This is, therefore, a further opportunity to obtain another stalwart, long time character. Teletran transforms from the aforementioned removeable command module/section. It is also effectively a triple changer as it also possesses a robot mode, the newly named Mainframe.

    The transformation between robot and command module is relatively simple whereas converting it into the Teletran computer console is probably more complex than transforming the larger Ark. The robot is the size of a Deluxe Class figure. It’s a bit chunky around the legs and has a fair amount piled on his back. This is worth it though for the console form which is fabulously detailed and a good match for that seen in the eighties cartoon. It also comes with two of the gold discs and the spy satellite.

    Of course, the scale between Teletran/Mainframe and the Ark is wildly out. To put the size of the Ark into ‘correct’ perspective there is a minute figure of Optimus Prime included that can be stood on the command deck.