BABY Born Magic Unicorn Girl 43cm

BABY Born Magic Unicorn Girl 43cm

BABY born 824368 Soft Touch-Girl with Blue Eyes Interactive Function Doll, 43cm

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  • Contents: BABY born Unicorn Girl doll, 10 accessories
  • Care for your doll with the potty, dummy and bottle
  • Unicorn themed outfit exclusive to Smyths Toys
  • 9 amazing lifelike functions
  • She drinks water and cries tears
  • BABY born doll really goes to the potty
  • Doll size: 43cm


  1. One eye is constantly half closed, the baby had a black scratch down it’s head and half the accessories are broken or faulty. The bottle lid doesn’t fit and the dummy was broken. I brought Baby Born as I’d read some great reviews but I’m very disappointed with the product. My daughter still loves her and won’t let her out of her sight so annoyingly I can’t return it. 
  2. Perfect quality, great price!
    Baby Born soft touch is a lovely doll to play with, she drinks from the bottle (don't forget to take of the cap!), pees (press the stomach), eats special Baby Born food, poos, cries tears (press the chest), opens & closes eyes. My 3 years old loves it! Takes it everywere despite it being a rather heavy for little one :)
    Comes with all accessories shown on the sellers picture.  
  3. Great quality and good size. Only think it’s probably to much of a fuss to clean it every time if my daughter would feed the doll with provided food. That brings me to the next think it would be nice if it comes with more than one pack of food more than one diaper... but non or less it’s a great looking doll. Be aware if you wet the doll you need to keep it on the side for a while to get dry so if you have a routine in the evening with your child and it wants to play with it right after it might not work as the doll needs to dry or you risk cloth getting wet ( in bath -shower depending but less so)