Bakugan Premium Battle Arena

Bakugan Premium Battle Arena

BAKUGAN Battle Arena, Game Board with Exclusive Fused Nillious x Efreet Bakugan, for Ages 6 and up (Styles Vary)

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  • ENTER THE BATTLE ARENA: Take your Bakugan brawls to the next level The ultimate stage for your Bakugan brawls, this arena recreates the Hide Matrix from the TV show
  • EXCLUSIVE FUSED BAKUGAN: Add the exclusive fused Nillious x Efreet Bakugan to your collection. Combining 2 factions, fused Bakugan are all-new, powerful characters to collect
  • BATTLE LIKE A CHAMPION: The Battle Arena is the best way to battle your friends Set up BakuCores on the grid and stay organized while you battle with built-in space to store your cards and Bakugan
  • The Bakugan Battle Arena is the ultimate accessory for brawlers aged 6 and up. Roll into Baku-Action with your own Bakugan collectible figure and the Battle Arena
  • Includes: 1 Bakugan Battle Arena, 1 Exclusive Bakugan, 2 BakuCores, 1 Character Card, 1 Ability Card, 1 Gate-Card, 1 Bakugan Toy Battling Rules Sheet


  1. My son needed another gate card for his bakugan play. Saw this, which states it has a gate card included, so decided I would treat him so he got his gate card and some other things. There is no gate card included, so while he's got some new Bakugan stuff he is still short of his gate card. Had I known, I wouldn't have purchased. 
  2. Son loves it, good value for money. Easy to out together. Don't fully get the rules but we kind of made up our own.  
  3. What we got is like many others who wrote a review here, not what is shown in the picture, but another arena! However, we decided exactly for the one shown in the photo for several reasons! I do not understand, what is this???