Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams Transforming Vehicle Playset, Pink 2-Seater SUV Reveals Stage, Drum Set & Concert-Themed Accessories, Gift for 3 to 7 Year Olds

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  • This Barbie vehicle playset inspired by Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams transforms to reveal a stage and seating for a pop-up performance!
  • ​Take the show on the road in a glittery pink and purple SUV with rolling wheels, realistic details and room for 2 Barbie dolls (sold separately)
  • ​Remove the roof to set up a stage for Barbie doll and remove the seats to create a place for the audience to cheer her on!
  • ​Over 20 storytelling pieces include a drum set, speaker and turntable, microphones, snacks, backstage passes, smart phone accessories and more!
  • ​Pack the pieces back inside the car for easy clean-up
  • ​With so many storytelling opportunities, this Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams vehicle playset makes a great gift for 3 to 7 year olds, especially those that love the spotlight!
  • Why does this product have 'reduced packaging'? We’ve worked hard to reduce unnecessary air and materials in our new, durable packaging, minimising waste and emissions


  1. Clearly this is not new and want some part of a refund !! I have to sit and scrub the sticker of this now as it was a birthday present for this weekend ! Not happy at all , it’s all marked on the front of the bonnet with dirt and sticky ness !!! 
  2. The quality of the car was poor especially the roof constantly coming off. The durability is the same. For the price I expect better.  
  3. In the Big City, Big Dreams movie, as Barbie (Malibu) is heading towards her performing arts class, she daydreams of being famous & the car she is in during that sequence is the car that this one is based on.
    It is very similar (but 2 door rather than 4 door & the roof doesn't seem to be transparent) to the movie car with the same pink & purple colouring.
    No doll is included in this car, but it does have a cardboard 'lifesize' image of Malibu & Brooklyn sitting in the car.
    All Barbies will fit inside this - Kens, tall Barbies, those with jointed legs & those who can never bend their knees to sit on a stool will find there's just enough space for them to travel in style.

    The box is large, colourful & has no plastic in the viewing window.
    Assemby is needed to add the wing mirrors, their 'glass' stickers and the drum set (sticking the cymbal & smaller drums to the large one)

    For any Barbie lover who wants to continue the theme from that film of friendship & musical performances this car is a lovely addition to their play.
    The car itself does not have opening doors but does have an opening boot (needs to be opened to release the back of the roof/detachable stage) & a large storage space behind the 2 seats for placing your gig equipment or whatever else you might want to transport (I tried the suitcases from the travel Barbies & they also fit nicely if you don't have the drums etc.. in the back.)

    It has 2 seats, which remove as one item so that the audience have somewhere to sit & watch the show or to give the performers somewhere to rest after rocking out on the transparent glittery stage.
    I do feel they come out a little too easily.
    When filling the boot I kept knocking the seats forward.

    This set comes with a massive speaker, a dj/mix deck (not entirely sure which so could be whatever you want) that clips on top of the speakers, a drum set that requires a small amount of assembly and a host of small accessories including 2 gorgeous shoulder bags - one black, one transparent blue bag.
    I liked the 2 pairs of sunglasses, the vip passes, the popcorn, (got to have popcorn if you are going to watch a show) & all the other little bits. These include a pair of drumsticks for the drumset which comes with it's own seperate stool.
    Sadly hitting the drumset will not produce a noise that anyone would imagine a drum would make. They are hollow plastic & have no bases so just sort of thunk.

    My Barbies all have their eyes on those bags - both can have things put in them so I've shared the hairbrush, perfume, lipstick & camera between them then added a phone, a pair of sunglasses & a vip pass to each bag.
    The car has a dual cup holder between the seats & there are water bottles included so you can put them into the holders in case your dolls get dehydrated on the go.
    The boot will hold all the contents of this set including the drumset after it has been assembled.
    I managed to get singing Brooklyn, singing Malibu & their accessories from those sets (which I already owned) in the boot as well although the ends of the microphone stands stick out the back 'window'.
    The seats come with seatbelts which can be undone.
    When you take the seats out, the belts stay with the car.

    The detachable stage uses the front windscreen as the stand on one side & the back struts that look like the back of the car around the back windows (which are just holes) & is trimmed in purple but the flat surface they stand on is transparent glittery pink plastic.
    You can easily fit 2 dolls on the stage if they want to put on a show.

    I think this set has great play potential both within the Big City, Big Dreams theme & outside of it in most other everyday situations where play might involve a car.
    Most of the small accessories also transfer well into other scenarios so I am very happy with this set.