Beat The Parents Board Game for Families and Kids aged over 5

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  • NOW WITH UPDATED QUESTIONS, CHALLENGES and includes 1 dry erase marker with clip and 1 wager board with stand
  • PICK A WAGER – WHAT WILL YOU DO? Each team writes a wager before the game begins. What will you do if you lose? Take out the trash? Buy pizza for everyone? The stakes have never been higher
  • KID-FRIENDLY TRIVIA: Kids and parents live in different worlds, so each generation gets their own set of questions. Parents, do you know what your kids know? Kids, just how smart are your parents? For 2 to 6 players, ages 6 and up
  • WHO RULES THE HOUSE? In Beat the Parents, it’s kids vs parents in a fun-filled, action-packed showdown of trivia and challenges. There’s a wager at stake – will your team be champions on family game night?
  • Includes 200 trivia and challenge cards, 1 gameboard, 1 sand timer, 2 player movers, 1 dry erase marker with clip, 1 wager board with stand, and instructions.
  • FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Next time you get together with family and friends, bring along a Spin Master game. The perfect activity for memorable game nights, birthdays, dinner parties, vacations, holidays, and any time you just want to have fun


  1. What a let down this is. The kids questions were really hard, even for our kids who are very bright! When we investigated further, we found that the game is made in Canada, hence Canadian based questions. The product description does not mention this anywhere and so it's quite misleading.
    This game would be great if the questions were modified. The challenge part of the game was good fun, but we won't be playing again. Very disappointing! 
  2. My wife bought this game for our family and it sounded fantastic. I really like the idea but the kids questions are ridiculous. The game clearly states it’s for 6+ children but I would argue 8 year olds could struggle (and that’s being generous!) As an example, “What do you make in a Bundt pan”, “what is the chemical in a cup of coffee that will keep you awake” and “what South American city does the statue called Christ the redeemer tower over” are all considered kids questions. I’m really disappointed overall especially because I was really excited about this game.  
  3. This game is terrible a wasted £14. The explanation makes it sound like fun but it simply is a question game, no forfeits, silly dares or challenges like hop on one leg while you answer the questions. I really don’t know how this game is meant to make the family laugh together.