Bluey Family Home Playset

Bluey Family Home Playset

Bluey Heeler Family Home Play Set: 1 Official Collectable Bluey Action Figure, Large Playhouse Playset 4 Rooms, Furniture Accessories and Pull Down Patio

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  • The Bluey Family Home is the perfect playset for Bluey and her family!The Bluey Family Home is the perfect playset for Bluey and her family!
  • Big in size and features, this enormous toy playset is full moulded details with opening doors for added fun.
  • The Bluey Family home has 4 different rooms and a large wall panel that pulls down to form an amazing outdoor patio!
  • Loaded with many pieces of removable furniture to play with and move around!
  • The home includes one Bluey Figure!


  1. For the price we paid for this I would have expected more. The decorations are all stickers, so will be peeled off by toddlers. The xylophone sticker on the floor of the play room was already peeling off when we got it. The 'deck' piece does not clip on well (it is complete warped on ours) and only covers the bottom half of the house making storage of all the pieces a but of a pain.
    My daughter loves it though which makes it a bigger pain that I will probably have to arrange a replacement. 
  2. The scale of the items shown on the display box a sales pictures are not what you get in the box. Bath and toilet to big not room to play with figure . Bedroom beds to big hardly fit figures in. Kitchen to small figures can no go behind worktop or sit on chairs or open fridge as again figures do not fit in this area. To sum it up your child will get very frustrated like ours.  
  3. Bought for my granddaughters Xmas and she absolutely loves it. It only came with one figure so I bought another set which turned out to be the right thing to do. It's very sturdy with plenty of furniture and her imagination ran riot. Very happy little girl.