Hasbro Jenga Classic, children's game that promotes the speed of reaction, from 6 years

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  • THE ORIGINAL WOOD BLOCK STACKING GAME: It's the classic Jenga game that families have loved for generations. Slide out blocks one by one, and place them on top of the stack. But don't let the tower fall
  • AVOID A TUMBLING TOWER: Every move counts in this strategy game. Do you start at the bottom, top, or middle? Stack and balance the blocks to keep the wood tower from crashing
  • GAME FOR 1 OR MORE PLAYERS: No friends around? No problem! Play Classic Jenga solo! Or enjoy this fun and easy indoor game for kids with a group. It's a fun homeschool break activity
  • GENUINE HARDWOOD BLOCKS: This Hasbro game includes 54 precision-crafted hardwood blocks, along with an easy-to-use stacking sleeve to help build the perfect tower
  • EXCITING PARTY GAME: Inject fun into any party or family game night by breaking out the Jenga game! This classic block stacking game is easy to learn and makes a great gift for kids ages 6 and up


  1. Wanted a surprise for the children when we rented a cottage for the holidays. Very quick delivery. Jenga is a favourite. They loved the game we played together (the singular game). My youngest then had the idea to make a rustic version with the kindling wood in the cottage. Mum tidied up later. It wasn’t until early evening when warming my toes by the fire I noticed that some of burning kindling had Jenga neatly written on the side...
  2. Ordered this as a Christmas gift for our young cousins, and as a family in general. While we knew it would be a great addition to the games already laying around the house, we were blown away with its success!
    From kids to adults, everyone was super competitive about their pieces, and we still have a blast to this day when we see the grumpy face of the one that made the tower topple!
    It's such a simple, fun game, language-free, and it is a must in any household. You can turn this into any kind of competition, and into any kind of game!
    An absolute must as far as games go! 
  3. Such a brilliant buy! This was on our son's Christmas list and I was hesitant to buy yet another game - most are now confined to a cupboard and rarely seen after first play. However, we've played this loads. We've taken it to visit relatives etc. too. Sturdy, good quality, simple and fun. If I had to find a negative, it would be that the box has torn a little and could have been thicker card.