Cool Maker Go Glam U-nique Nail Salon

Cool Maker Go Glam U-nique Nail Salon

Cool Maker GO GLAM U-nique Nail Salon with Portable Stamper, 5 Design Pods and Dryer, Nail Kit Kids Toys for Ages 8 and Up

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  • ALL-IN-ONE NAIL KIT: This salon has 5 design pods, nail polish, a dryer, storage and removable stamper Easily scroll and stamp designs on up to 250 nails of any size for personalised mani-pedis Batteries not included
  • 120 UNIQUE DESIGNS: With 5 different design pods included with this nail art kit, you can mix and match 120 super cute icons, letters and trendy patterns for the ultimate customisation again and again
  • PORTABLE NAIL STAMPER: The GO GLAM U-nique Nail Salon’s removable stamper makes it so easy to stamp nail art onto your toes wherever you go Pop in a design pod, turn the dial and press to stamp
  • STAMP CUSTOM MESSAGES: Paint nails with the non-toxic GO GLAM nail polish (pink and purple included) and use the letter design pod to stamp a letter onto each nail to create custom messages
  • Includes: 1 GO GLAM U-nique Nail Salon with Dryer and Portable Stamper, 5 Design Pods, 2 GO GLAM Nail Polishes, 1 GO GLAM Top Coat, 1 Toe Separator, 1 Instruction Sheet


  1. An expensive product that doesn't work and disappoints young children when given as a gift. Stickers are tacky and do not stick. They drag the nail polish off when trying to use them and the whole product is useless. Very very disappointing. 
  2. My daughter was super excited to get this for Christmas. We dried her nails for 5 minutes like it says in the instructions, so that they’re a bit tacky to the touch, then we stamped her nails. The stamps only worked on 4 out of 10 of her nails; on the other 6 it either dragged half the nail varnish off with the stamp or only printed 10 percent of the stamp image and the rest stayed on the ribbon, or the nail varnish would come off then fall back onto the nail which then looked all crumpled up. Waste of money, and my daughter was really disappointed and ended up saying “let’s just put the nail varnish on, the stamps don’t work.” I’d return it but we’ve thrown the box away with the other Christmas wrapping.  
  3. What a waste of money ,followed the instructions to a tea and it still didn't work properly ,it just ripped the paint off the nails , on speaking to one of my daughter's friends they also got this for Xmas and had the exact same issue ...don't waste your money ,very dissapointed little girl on Christmas day .