Crayola 11234 Mega Activity Tub

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  • A tub full of creative fun, containing all the craft and art tools you need to get colouring and creating
  • Handy plastic tub for easy storage
  • Includes 12 Super tips, 24 Page Funny Faces colouring book and 2 sticker sheets, 8 Marker Stampers, 2 oz Green Paint, 3 Twistable Graphite Pencils, 8 ct Classic Modelling Clay, 8 ct Ultra Clean Markers, 8 Assorted Crayons 12 coloured Pencils and 10's Pencils
  • Great gift for kids aged 4+


  1. This was a birthday gift for a little girl. Whilst it looks great and has lots of quality items in it, I can’t help but thinking that a similar tub from Home bargains, filled with the same quality items purchased separately, would have cost a lot less - or given me more money to spend on more contents of my tub. That said, it made a nice present but I could have done more for the money. Put it this way, having bought it once, I will do my own thing in the future 
  2. Bought this as a birthday gift for my toddler. He's yet to see it but the set is a good size with plenty of bits to keep him busy. Highly recommended  
  3. got one each for my girls, they must drag these out 3 times a week at least, entertaining them for hours, until you realise they've just redecorated your front room including the furniture.