Crayola Washimals Pets Bathtub Set

Crayola Washimals Pets Bathtub Set

Crayola Washimals Pets Playset - Creative Colouring Crafts Kit, Gift Set with Washable Marker Pens

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  • Colour and customise your pets, then wash them and colour some more
  • Features 2 toy dogs (Russel and Laney) and 2 toy cats (Jake and Jenny)
  • Crayola washable markers wash from skin, most washable clothing and most painted walls
  • Colour your pets, then wash using only water in the supplied bath tub and colour again
  • Use the included Washimals felt tip pens to colour and create patterns and designs on your pets
  • Ideal birthday or Christmas present for art, crafts and animal loving girls and boys
  • The pack includes - 2 toy dogs and 2 toy catss, a Scrub Tub and Scrub Brush
  • For ages 3 - 8 years


  1. this product doesn't was as it says on box. leaves a colour on the animals. I have contavted manufacturer CRAYOLA but they are asking me to contact amazon for a refund and are refusing to explain why this product is still on sale and what future plans are about this product! Amazon hasn't been completed yet but will be contacting them soon about the whole thing .!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! IT DOES NOT WASH AND ANIMALS STAY STAINED.!!!! 
  2. I got this for my 4 year old for xmas, what a brilliant purchase.. I am so glad I purchased it. One note, you need to keep emptying and refreshing the water in the bath tub, otherwise the animals become hard to wash. I also soak the animals in the sink for 5-10 after each play which makes them as new again. My little girl plays with this for hours at a time. I will be buying more! (also washes off hands pretty easy - not sure about clothes as my daughter puts her plastic apron on)  
  3. The perfect Christmas present for a nearly 6 year old. She had previously played with this at a friends as her daughter received for her November birthday. They played for so long! The concept is simple but engaging and allows them to “care” for the little felt toys. They decorate them with the washable pens and then shower them off and scrub them then allow to dry and start over. I will say pop the bath shower on a towel as it gets slippy. The toy emotionally engages them due to the caring aspect and also creatively engaged them which is fantastic and she’s not got bored of it it’s played with so much. I just had to explain not to draw on any other toys apart from these (she has sylvanian families, I’d cry if she drew on them) she’s been really good and understands this. I’d say it’s a fantastic bday gift, treat, reward or need Xmas gift. My daughter doesn’t like dolly’s but loves animals etc so it’s great! I’d also recommend this for boys that like animals too it does seem geared towards girls which is odd I feel they are missing out on a huge bit of the market by not really aiming at both boys and girls. Saying this I wouldn’t hesitate to buy for a boy that loved animals!