Edible Science Kit

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  • 15 delicious experiments for you to complete at home using a few common household ingredients
  • Make chocolate spaghetti and a sugar crystal geode
  • Make godzilla gummies, edible slime... and loads more!
  • Supports National Curriculum Learning
  • No batteries required
  • Suitable for ages 8+ years


  1. All you are buying are a few plastic items such as syringe and funnel and you you have to supply everything else yourself. So much better to purchase items separately and find some experiments on the Internet as the instruction booklet has poor diagrams children just can't follow. Great concept, poor execution. Really disappointed. 
  2. Experiments don't work despite following the instructions. Food ingredients are not included and some of them are difficult to find. Too expensive for just some plastic equipment.  
  3. This item is advertised as needing only a few household items found in your kitchen to complete various science experiments. But we’ve had to buy agar agar powder (who has that lying around?!) unflavoured gelatin, as well as lots of food items like brown and white fondant icing, food colouring, dark chocolate. I think for the price it should have some of the non perishable items in the box or at least a list of what you need to buy when purchasing so you can be prepared when wanting to play with it.