FunLockets Secret Journal, Diary, Activity and Creativity, Sticker and Stationery Set, Secret Writing, Drawing and Doodling, Aged 6 Years Plus

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  • Discover the secrets. Hidden keys and mysteries make this a thrilling secret journal. Aged six plus
  • Lockable case. Find the unique way to unlock your journal – then write your thoughts inside
  • 30+ Surprises. Includes heart box, notebook, secret messages, bookmark and unicorn charm keyring
  • Get creative. Style it up with 80+ stickers, tape, eraser, paper clips, glittery pencil and stencils
  • Ideal gift. size approx W161mm x H192mm x D56mm. Fits in schoolbag, backpack, or on desk, etc


  1. Bought this for my daughter’s 7th birthday and she absolutely loves it! She really enjoyed locking and unlocking all the compartments as well as writing her "secret" messages/diary! Some keys are small which can be fiddly but is fine for smaller fingers. Her younger cousin did snap one of the locks but this was because she used force. Was easily fixed with some hot glue so be cautious will younger children. Also, good for fine motor skills as the keys need to be matched with different compartments to lock/unlock. There are a few stationery items which encourage them to write and also, keeps them busy. Would definitely recommend this product and purchase again as gifts. Good value for money and very entertaining. 
  2. Puzzles were very easy, compared to the tower version, too easy really even for a 5 year old. The surprises were just tiny stickers, notelets and tape. Definitely not worth the price. But what was most disappointing was that the two bigger compartment locks broke immediately after opening. Will attempt to superglue but a very disappointed little girl who loves to put these locks back and play over and over.  
  3. My daughter was asking for this for months. Finally gor her it for Christmas. She was so disappointed. It is nothing like the advert. The purple heart which you need to turn in order to open doesnt turn very well and I have to do it for her as it's so stiff. When opened we realised one of the compartments latch was broken and completely snapped. It was a waste of money.