FurReal Cubby the Curious Bear

FurReal Cubby the Curious Bear

Fur Real Friends Cubby The Curious Bear Interactive Plush Toy, Ages 4 and Up

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  • Amazingly Interactive and Lifelike: This delightfully curious, expressive bear cub loves to play with you during the day; in night-time mode, he makes sleepy sounds and plays soft music
  • Responds with 100+ Sound-and-Motion Combinations: He can move his head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and arms and makes lots of fun sounds
  • Incredibly Sweet Expressions: Just look at that adorable face
  • Comes with Fun 3-in-1 accessory: It’s a Treat, a bottle and a comb, all in one
  • Fantastic Gift for Birthday or Holiday: For Kids aged 4 and up


  1. This bear cub is so adorable. Cubby reacts with cute sounds and motions as we interact. I wish he were a bit more soft and squishy, but I guess that may be technically difficult for the manufacturer as the toy has mechanical structure inside. The face looks almost exactly the same as shown in the product description page. Highly recommended. 
  2. Bought it for my 4 year old daughter and she loves it, Cubby have some cool movements , face movements are my favourite , its quite cute.  
  3. I bought this gorgeous cubby bear for my grandson s 7 th birthday ,he totally loves him he s just like a real life teddy bear .he makes lots of cute wee bear sounds especially when you feed him his pretend honey from his wee cup .although he is firm he is also very cuddley . Make sure to buy batteries and put them into cubby s back before giving as a present or from Santa .