Ghost Castle Board Game

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  • Contents: Glow-in-the dark ghost, metal ball, room traps: staircase, portrait, bookcase, axe and shakey floor, castle walls and roof, 8 pawns and 1 die
  • Includes 5 room traps, triggered by the glow-in-the dark ghost
  • The box becomes the gameboard, with huge 58 x 36 cm play area
  • For 2-4 players


  1. Lots of positive reviews here. They're wrong.
    The manufacturer of this game is sucking up nostalgia and turning it into profit.
    The house is made of paper. Literally paper. I played this with my son last night. Sure the game is good. But if you breathe on those paper walls all the counters go whirling to the ground.
    This is a kinesthetic game where the fun is to peer over the walls. You cannot do this with this flimsy reproduction. I am actually annoyed that my memory of a great game has been ruined.
    The ball kept getting stuck on the way to the portrait as the construction holes when measured are a couple of mm out.
    Further more all of the holes are scrunched a bit when you push the thing together which means each subsequent errection will be less impressive than the last.

    Shame on the person who made this reproduction. Sure you saved a couple of quid on your raw materials,but you broke my heart. 
  2. A good update to the original version - this time you have to get your team of two ghost-hunters out of the castle avoiding all the classic traps from before. I played this as a kid and now playing it with my kid, he's enjoying it just as much - a good game for Halloween.
    Part of the update is the use of the box, it's part of the board now and provides 'walls' to the edge of the castle, stopping the ball and dice rolling away. The inner core of the castle is simple to construct, well cut and fitting card construction with a few plastic parts. For fans of the original, the glowing skull has been replaced by a stainless steel ball, meaning it will have a more random chance of heading into any of the four traps present, unlike the skull which seemed to fall in the direction the jaw faced! The large ghost on the top of the tower does glow in the dark, much to the amusement of my kid!

    A fun game and can get quite tense as you finally get to the last room!