Machine Works MWH10 - V8 Engine, Multi

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  • HOW TO USE: See demo video


  1. I bought this for my partner to do with my brother in law (14YO)
    Well firstly he absolutely loved it. The attention to detail in the kit is phenomenal. We are both engine builders by trade, and would suggest you read the entire instructions before attempting assembly. The tiny cam lobes are numbered and the rocker arms must sit a certain way.
    Overall would highly recommend this as a budget kit to any aspiring technicians! 
  2. This item, although it says is suitable for a 10 year old, is definitely not. The build quality of this product is atrocious. I bought this for my brothers 30th Birthday and within the first 3 steps we had to file down some plastic from the rubbish moulding. We had 16 screws missing, which is far more than just being able to scrimp a screw here and there to get the whole thing together, fortunately I had some small screws about the house so we could get the whole thing working. The entire thing is also plastic, which for the money I spent on this, I thought there would be some metal parts. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone and will not be buying from Haynes (who I thought were a trusted household name) again.  
  3. Good not great. Be very careful when assembling to get rid of any lugs left when you remove the parts from the mold. When supplied there were insufficient screws in the pack, took the supplier 3 weeks to provide more. Too small to get anywhere else. But enjoyed putting it together.