Hot Wheels 1:64 Scale Colour Reveal Vehicle 2 Pack Assortment

Hot Wheels 1:64 Scale Colour Reveal Vehicle 2 Pack Assortment

Hot Wheels Color Reveal 2 Pack Assortment

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  • The Hot Wheelscolour Reveal 2 Pack holds 2 1:64 scale Hot Wheelscolour Reveal cars in a barrel drum, each with 2 surprise decos just waiting to be discovered.
  • ​Because each car is covered in a colour Reveal coating, the initial reveal is filled with fun suspense! Use the reusable barrel packaging as a dunk tank, fill it with water, and swirl the car in it. Watch as the water changes colour and a new deco is revealed on each vehicle!
  • ​The surprises continue with more colour change! Simply dunk the Hot Wheelscar into cool water to reveal yet another deco and design -- change it back with warm water. Repeat this over and over again to change between the 2 looks! With the 2 included cars, it's like getting 4 cars in 1!
  • ​Each 2 pack in the collection features different cars, and kids and collectors alike will want to collect them all for tons of colour-revealing and colour-shifting fun (each sold separately)!
  • ​Hot Wheelsvehicles make a great gift for kids ages 3 years old and up who love the thrill of creative push-around play!


  1. I got these for my older nephews to try. Like others, we were a bit unimpressed when we followed the directions we had seen in the product description here for removing the gunky ‘colour reveal’ yellow paint and colour changing effect – warm water to get the paint off, and cool to experience the colour change. In the tube I got, we received a lorry and a car. warm water just about washed the colour reveal paint away, though in some places this was really thick and needed to be picked off. My nephews were not impressed with the colour revealed vehicles, which seemed really basic, with the least elaborate designs any of us could remember seeing on Hot Wheels vehicles.

    So then we tried to get the colour to change. Cool water did not seem to work, but I did notice that after we’d soaked the vehicles in cool water there was a faint blistering of dark colour visible on the roof of the orange car. So I decided to test the hypothesis that what was needed wasn’t cool water but ice water. We didn’t have any ice cubes, so I popped the two vehicles in the freezer. After about a minute I opened it back up, and the colour change had worked. The decal sets on the alternate colour versions were an improvement over the very plain initial appearance, though are still not exactly the most exciting and the colours seem sludgy and uninspiring.

    Afterwards, I realised that the instruction leaflet included with the cars does actually say to use ice water – but with such a detailed (and inaccurate!) description of the needed process in the online product description, it’s not surprising that this seems to be getting missed. These were very overpackaged, with lots of unnecessary plastic, and more than £10 for two rather dull vehicles is too high an asking price. 
  2. Keeps my children entertained for hours. You need warm and really cold water for the colour change but they work great under the cold tap, no need to be icy and compared to othet brands that change colour under water they change so much faster nearly instantly. Bath time is so much more fun with those. The children love them and that is the important thing.  
  3. I bought 2 packs of these for my 8 and 3 year olds. They're pricey for what you end up with but they loved watching the colours emerge and then change under warm water, we haven't tried them with ice water yet but they've been well played with and added to their Hot Wheels collection.
    Nice as a one off but I wouldn't buy more as it wouldn't be as exciting second time round.