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  • Educational build it yourself Hydraulic Robot Arm
  • Comes with 229 pieces
  • Powered by hydraulic power – not batteries


  1. I'm a 25 year old who used to work as a Mechanical Engineer, this would have been my absolute dream toy as a young boy but I have only discovered it now. So I bought it, built it, played with it and loved it. 5 stars. 
  2. I bought this as a rainy day project for half term, and day 2 didn't disappoint. The kit is quite a technical undertaking, rated at 10+, I would probably say early teens upwards is more appropriate, however 10 year olds with patience and focus could do this with about 3 hours of solid working. The build quality of the plastic parts is very high, and the parts feel like they can withstand a bit of misuse. A previous reviewer stated that you need to drill the plastic for the screws. You don't . The screws are self tappers, but make sure you have a good PH0 or PH1 screwdriver to hand as the screws do take a bit of effort to drive in, but this is a good thing. The hydraulics are well manufactured and the instructions are clear and easy to follow.
    I'm 40 and enjoyed building this immensely, definitely worth the 27 quid I paid for it and has caught the eye of all of the kids that have played with it. I don't normally leave reviews on Amazon but this is worth bigging up. Might even buy another one for one of the nephews or nieces.  
  3. I purchased this for a smart 10-year-old. Firstly, it needs space...and time. It cannot be built in one sitting. The instruction manual is pretty good...but runs to 87 A5 pages (all English). The manual includes some troubleshooting, but I can save you some time. It leaks, and if you want to operate it properly, you need to be able to top up the cylinders. This involves partial disassembly and significantly weakens the plastic linkages....of which there are many. Once built it operates in a jerky manner and has little strength. It has an interest factor, after building, of about 10 minutes. Building time was about 15 hours..taking up most of the dining table over three days. The build quality of the kit is is the manual. The trouble is that the result is not worth having and there is little learnt in the build-process (there are no instructional or exercise sections).
    The device is physically large and impressive....but is definitely one which will be gathering dust until the next clear out. I suspect the main fun of this device will be keeping it going by nursing the cylinders and connections....but it really is not worth the effort.