Mattel Games Scrabble Junior, Children Board Game from 6 Years

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  • Junior Scrabbleis letter-matching fun for your little one!
  • Kid-sized words and colorful pictures make it fun to match letter tiles to words on the grid.
  • Players flip over the game board for an advanced game that involves creating their own words.
  • When all of the tiles are the board, the player with the most chips wins.
  • For 2 to 4 players. Ages 5 and up.


  1. This product was advertised as a dent in box when it should have read box ruined and unusable without major repair. The discount on this was not enough to compensate for such a mess that arrived to my door 
  2. Not enough u's in the box. The instructions state 3 u's in box but only two are in the box, making it impossible to play the picture board game as 3 u's are needed.  
  3. so I have a 5yr old just learning to read write spell and a 9yr old and 10yr old so we didnt complete the game, youngest wanted to complete chosen word level 1 and eldest got bored and needed to play l2 , which u was a little disappointed that the letters don't have points ( numbers on ( so I would have to look them up on the instructions every time. The quality is good but quite expensive but came prime. I think all bored games are expensive now though.