Hasbro Gaming F2562801 Ka-Blab Families, Teenagers and Children, from 10 Years, Group Game for 2 to 6 Players from Scattergories, Multicoloured - French Language

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  • From Skatergories: you have to call words before time runs out. Ka-Blab! is a fast and crazy word game where players need to call things before the end of the chrono
  • You have to think: at each room, the players alternately start the dice and call as many things connected to the category of the card as the number of dice they continue until they can transfer the dice to the other player
  • Random Chrono: you have to think quickly and call even faster. The electronic chronograph is random, so no one knows when he Ka-Blab! If it happens during a player, he loses a chip
  • A fun game: players (from 10 years) will be kept outdoors with the electronic chronograph of this game for the family
  • Fun game for 2 to 6 games: Ka-Blab! Ideal for family game evenings and a fun activity for days at home or for breaks at school at home


  1. We really enjoy playing the game. Is so much fun and entertaining. My youngest one is 8 and some requests are difficult for her age (the game age recommendation is 10) but we allow her to get a new card and the game continues. She loves it
  2. I bought this to play over Christmas with the family. We quite enjoyed the questions but would have preferred if the bomb had been a little more dynamic. It didn't really add anything to the game
  3. Great fun, gets the kids thinking in a fun fast paced way.