Leapfrog Count Along Till Educational Interactive Toy Shop With 20-Piece Pretend Play Set, Teaches Numbers, Counting And Colours, Toy For 2 3 4 Years Girls & Boys

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  • HEAPS OF FUN: Little shoppers can run their own shop from the moment their singing till powers on and announces “Open for business!” 8 yummy pretend food items correspond with buttons on the till's touch screen. Press a button to hear the name and colour of the food.
  • EDUCATIONAL TOY: This wonderful kids toy is a perfect learning toy for two year olds and older. Stock up on counting skills and early maths while singing along with shopping and counting songs and paying for items with count-along coins. Learning has never been more fun or interactive!
  • MATHS SKILS: The Counting Till features a number of activities to help develop you kids counting and early math skills. Press the number buttons 1-10 to hear the numbers and a counting song and turn maths into play !
  • PRETEND PLAY: This Interactive Counting Till set, it’s perfect children’s toy to teach numbers, counting and colours while having heaps of fun in their imaginary shop. Little shoppers will have bags of fun with a 20-piece set that talks, sings & counts with a friendly animated face! Role Play Sets also develop your kids imagination and communication skills.
  • Great Toddler Gift: Give the gift of learning and interactive play with this enjoyable toy shop till; this colourful kids toy will provide hours of fun and essential preschool skills development


  1. Amazing for children, bloody crap for adults. My child loves playing with till, the scanner and buttons but he's a shockingly bad shopkeeper and has dreams and aspirations of bringing back rationing. I am only allowed one item at the till at a time, he scans my item twice ensuring I over pay and I think he's also money laundering. Let's not talk about theft as he slides the coin in to show payment but he keeps ahold of the coin so he can pay with the same again!!!! I have lost count this weekend the number of times I caught him with money in his pocket.
    Theft, laundering, rationing and general abuse of his mother buying a loaf of bread or some cheese to make an innocent cheese sandwich.
    Cheers Leapfrog I'm producing a mafia boss. 
  2. We’re big fans of leapfrog toys and they are some of the most played with in our house but I found this really disappointing. Ordered it for my 2 year old daughter but when the package came the whole thing looked really unimpressive, the toy food was so unrealistic looking, just like moulded blobs of plastic, not very good for imaginative play. The functions are also quite basic for a 2 year old once they’ve mastered counting, and I felt the long term play potential was very limited so I gifted it to a friend with a younger child and instead bought the cash register toy from the early learning centre which is much superior; it has a toy scanner, credit card machine and microphone and the toy food it came with is much more realistic. If you are looking for a toy cash register then this leap frog one definitely isn’t the best on the market so I’d advise shopping around.  
  3. I have been very pleased with this toy till so far. The product came packed well and feels built to last.

    I was after a toy till for my 18 month old as she has started playing with actual money and my wife was worried she may swallow a coin. A lot of tills were the standard ones you find which are more for role play and older children. I also wanted one with a lot of large coins so I was quite excited when I found this one.

    I wasn't left disappointed with this till and its just what I was after. The till is very interactive and has lots of cute and funny phrases which my little one tries to repeat. It also has a slot where you can put the coins in and they automatically end up in the till tray whilst the till counts along with you.

    If I was to pick out flaws then I would say the veg that are included with the till weren't the most obvious to my little one and I had to explain to her what certain ones were. Also if you have the till tray open and try inserting coins through the slot, after around 5-6 coins the slot gets blocked and you have to close the till tray to allow the coins to fall through into the tray. I can understand this is just a design constraint due to the size of the till but my little one is too young to understand that the till tray has to be closed when you insert the coins. It also means that you have to keep unblocking the coin slot, which isn't too difficult to do if you have another coin handy.

    Overall, very pleased with the product and would definitely recommend it for younger kids.