LEGO 21169 Minecraft The First Adventure Building Set

LEGO 21169 Minecraft The First Adventure Building Set

LEGO 21169 Minecraft The First Adventure Nether Playset with Steve, Alex, Skeleton, Dyed Cat, Moobloom and Horned Sheep

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  • Features a 3-level structure with treats such as a waterfall elevator, collapsible rail tracks, sliding earth blocks and explosions
  • Includes Steve and Alex characters, plus 2 skeletons, a dyed cat, horned sheep, and a moobloom - a beautiful cow covered in yellow flowers
  • Players must battle hostile mobs and avoid the hidden traps as they explore the detailed environment of the multi-level Minecraft structure
  • LEGO Minecraft sets give Minecraft fans a new way to play their favourite game, with iconic characters, scenes and features brought to life
  • A stand-out gift for Minecraft players aged 8 and up, it creates a cool display to share with friends on social media


  1. Great lego set for any Minecraft fan! My son spent 3hours putting it all together and then played with it for the rest of the day. Can't help feel it's on the pricey side but I guess Lego is! Hopefully he will continue to play with it
  2. I've never played the Minecraft Video Game but my adult son still plays it regularily online and he also collects the Lego Minecraft series. So it was a no brainer to pass this one to him to build. His overall impression of it was good value but it just feels lack it is lacking something once completed.

    Playability would be a solid 5 Stars. There is a mine cart, lots of diamond blocks to mine for and plenty of minifigures and built creatures to keep you occupied. Throw in a waterfall lift, a collapsible section of mine track, a lava flow and a rock flow you can certainly create mayhem for Steve and Alex. This makes recreating your own adventures in Minecraft on your table really easy and fun. The inclusion of the flower cow, the sheep and the odelot that are built rather than moulded pieces is also a point in its favour. (Please Note: The green baseplate shown in the pictures is NOT included in the set, this is from my stash to make photographing the figures simpler).

    The problem comes on the visuals. Whilst it is true to the nature of Minecraft with the pixel block look and little inclusions like a crafting table it just feels like something is missing and it is half finished. Not enough to really complain but just a vague feeling of disappointment of it as a display piece compared to some of the other series.

    Many thanks to the Amazon Vine Program for a review copy of this product. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and do not reflect the opinions of Lego or Amazon. This is also an honest and unbiased opinion based on my experience with the product and is not influenced by it being a review copy.