LEGO 21170 Minecraft The Pig House Animals Set with Alex Figure

LEGO 21170 Minecraft The Pig House Animals Set with Alex Figure

LEGO 21170 Minecraft The Pig House Building Toy for Kids with Alex and Creeper Figure

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  • Features a pig-shaped house and popular gaming character Alex, an iconic Creeper, 2 pigs, accessories for Alex and carrots for the pigs
  • The pig house has an opening side, removable roof to explore hidden rooms and a detonating explosion function collapsing the whole house!
  • Kids can redesign by moving the head-room somewhere else or use the explosion function to blast the model to pieces to start anew
  • There is plenty to do, with 2 cute pigs to care for and the iconic Creeper determined to ambush the players - let's hide in the pig’s head!
  • The extensive range of LEGO Minecraft playsets bring the online Minecraft game to life with recreated characters, scenes and features


  1. This set is good fun and would make a brilliant first set for someone just getting into minecraft, especially as it has a range of minifigs. Its very interative, with the opening side and the blowing up pieces (which do a good job of staying together). Its not the easiest build though, so follow the age guidance on the box. 
  2. A great Minecraft Lego set. It looks great as a complete unit (the pig) and is also good as it opens up for children to look inside. The miniature pigs are cute too. Also a button to ‘blow’ up some of it which my son enjoys and then rebuilds those bits. An all round good set. I think better than some of the other sets which tend to be scenes and easily get broken up in my house and not rebuilt. We bought on reduced price which was good value as sets go.  
  3. My son will love this when he sees it so thank you so much.he will be made up for he's birthday thanks