LEGO 43114 VIDIYO Punk Pirate Ship BeatBox Video Maker Toy

LEGO 43114 VIDIYO Punk Pirate Ship BeatBox Video Maker Toy

LEGO 43114 VIDIYO Punk Pirate Ship BeatBox Music Video Maker Musical Toy for Kids, Augmented Reality Set with App

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  • The LEGO VIDIYO Punk Pirate Ship music video maker set creates a digital pirate ship stage to perform on in the augmented reality app
  • Includes 3 minifigures with musical accessories, 14 random BeatBits and 3 special BeatBits to scan to unlock video effects in the LEGO app
  • Kids can change the scenery in the videos – like swapping the skull deco for a shark head or changing the treasure chest speakers to cannons
  • Check your device's compatibility by downloading the free app and recording your first music video with the free digital Bandmate
  • Search LEGO VIDIYO on App Store or Google play to download and check on the app before purchasing a set


  1. My son had wanted this for a while but I didn't think legos cost for it was justified . Managed to get it on sale on here and my son loves it. Alot bigger than I'd first thought it would be and a selection of band mates to. Happy boy 
  2. This is a new type of set by Lego, designed to be used with one of their apps to make interactive music videos, starring Lego minifigures alongside you and your friends. This is one of the bigger sets so it is playable without using the app functionality. It comes with three minifigures (all rock star themed – shark, mermaid, octopus) and a pirate ship for them to perform on. I love the bright colours that come with this pirate ship, it makes it different to all the other pirate ships that lego offer. I love the clever way the bricks are used to make things like a hook symbol, pirate skull and spaces for the performers.
    The set also comes with a mini stage like you get with the smaller carry sets and has 17 2*2 Lego tiles, each different colours with pictures on them- Lego call these Beatbits. You chose which of these Beatbits to use for each video and these control which added special effects appear in the video.
    I enjoyed the build, it was an easy build and took a couple of hours.
    I am not a fan of the vidiyo app and it’s functionality. Be aware that you should check your phone compatibility if you are choosing this for the interactivity. I have a Samsung S7 and it worked with that.
    Once in the app you scan your minifigure to add them as a bandmate. You put your bandmate in their stage. You can decorate the flaps on the side of the mini stage with up to 12 Beatbit tiles. You then scan the stage- we had trouble here- we found that it never scanned all our beatbits, limiting the special effects we could use in the video. When left to use the app themselves my 9-year-old kept getting ‘Oops, bandmate not recognised’ and became increasingly frustrated. Each Beatbit corresponds to a special effect such as a cat flying across the screen, a kaleidoscope effect of an instrument for the minifigure bandmate to play. Each Beatbit you use does require you to download the extra effect- using data and phone space. The app has multiple music tracks you can choose to make you video to- these do not need to be downloaded.
    We couldn’t work out how to share the video we made with anyone outside the Vidiyo community- this is a downside for us. Our boys are 7 and 9 and want to share the video with their direct friends and family rather than to a wider social media audience.
    As huge Lego fans we were really disappointed with the app, have deleted it already and wont be getting any other small vidiyo sets.
    As a pirate ship and for playing I enjoyed the build, it has good swooshability and playability. I like it for that aspect and am sure lots of others will too. This will depend what you are looking for with your experience.