LEGO 60302 City Wildlife Rescue Operation Vet Clinic Animals Set

LEGO 60302 City Wildlife Rescue Operation Vet Clinic Animals Set

LEGO 60302 City Wildlife Rescue Operation Vet Clinic Set, with Animal Figures and Helicopter Toy for Kids 6+ Years Old

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  • Delivered in Frustration-Free Packaging that is easy to open and made of 100% recyclable materials!
  • This LEGO City wildlife rescue operation set features a winch vet clinic helicopter toy, tracked vehicle and a vet clinic station for animals
  • It also features a savanna setting with a landslide function, kids push a lever to activate the tree-and-rockslide 'accident'
  • This toy for 6+ years old boys and girls includes an elephant, calf, croc and 2 monkey animal figures, plus 4 animal rescue team minifigures
  • The helicopter has a working winch, spinning rotors and a cargo bay, and the tracked vehicle a detachable hoist chain and storage compartment
  • LEGO accessories include a toy magnifying glass, banana, monkey’s medical cast, cup, various laboratory objects and a crocodile egg
  • Kids can also combine this toy construction set with others from the LEGO City Wildlife sets for even more action and adventure
  • Includes a simple building guide and Instructions PLUS – part of the free LEGO Building Instructions app for smart devices


  1. Bought for Christmas and my 6 year old absolutely loves it. What a great lego set 
  2. This Lego City Wildlife Rescue Operation Vet Clinic Set contains a full play set of a variety of things, including working rescue vehicles, detailed animals and mini-figures, plus a wildlife landscape to build. The kit comes in a large box with individually wrapped bags full of Lego and four separate instruction booklets for building the vehicles/landscape etc, in total it comes with 525 pieces, but because it’s all split up it makes it much less daunting.

    The printed instruction booklets are fantastic and do a great job of showing exactly how to build everything, but I especially like the Lego Building Instructions app. You can key in the set number and load up an interactive 3D model of all of the instructions which is just fantastic. It can really help with the more complicated areas of the build by making it more clear and interactive, as you can move the models around to see exactly where the required pieces fit, whist helping to build technical skills for younger children at the same time.

    Overall, its a large set of Lego that contains plenty of variety of things to build with the premium quality that you’d expect of Lego, but it is a fairly pricey kit, especially when you factor in the other additional sets in this range that you’ll need to buy after your kids finish building this one. Thank you for reading my review, if you found it helpful feel free to let me know below.  
  3. This is a large set from the new wildlife theme Lego have released- containing 4 minifigures, a large elephant, baby elephant, 2 baby monkeys, a crocodile and some eggs- one mid hatching with a crocodile eye visible. Also included is a helicopter, a tracked vehicle and a small vet station as well as a collection of bases and a tree that can fall.
    There is one vet minifig, one pilot, and 2 others from the rescue team in fairly casual clothes, The large elephant is similar to the mammoth we have in an Arctic set, but with disappointingly small tusks so we swaps them out. The trunk has a stud connector at the end- but I would have preferred a clip/grip ending. Its body and legs are fixed and its tail is moulded detail only but its head can be moved and trunk swivelled around. The baby elephant is one solid piece but does have the clip connector on its trunk. The monkeys are cute but tiny and not posable. The have a one stud hole as their bottom to attach them, and one of their hands is a clip shape so they can hold onto the banana that is included. This hand looks slightly strange as I think it’s a bit too large for their body- which is also dwarfed by the banana. Its tail is curved so could be used to balance it so its swinging from a branch- but this isn’t a proper clip so isn’t as stable. As this is a vet station there are premade bandages that can be fixed on to the monkey’s hand to heal it. The crocodile is a staple and not changed from previous ones we have, other than it is a brighter colour. Its tail can move side to side and its top jaw lifts up and down. We took the crocodile head off and used this on its own to make it look like the rest of the body was submerged in the water.
    The truck is fairly small, and has space on the back for a small crate or for the boulders it has just pulled out of the way with its chain attached to its front. It uses three sets of wheels with a rubber track stretched over them. The helicopter is quite large and has big rotor blades. It has a drop down section at the back to fit crates of supplies in. There is a small dial on the side to lower and lift a string winch with a hook on. This can be helpful to help clear a fallen tree- this has a technic lever to make the tree fall over and block the path before its cleared away by the rescue team. The vet station is a small shack with a canvas looking roof (two flag pieces hinged down)- inside if an incubator where an egg can be cared for, and some drawers and cupboards to store food and equipment.
    My least favourite piece of this set it the base. These are newer pieces from Lego that have a 4*1 studded plate area on each side but the rest of the piece is a flat tile. These can therefore be joined together by a 2*4 tile to create one smooth play area. A sandy coloured piece makes the elephant track and another blue piece makes the river. These are extended by some curved plates with studs on and some greenery added.
    I like this set, its not very technical to build at all but has great playability. My 7-year-old loved the set and all the animals as soon as he saw the whole wildlife range.