LEGO 71387 Super Mario Adventures with Luigi Starter Course Toy Game

LEGO 71387 Super Mario Adventures with Luigi Starter Course Toy Game

LEGO 71387 Super Mario Adventures with Luigi Starter Course ToyInteractive Figure and Buildable Game SetChristmas Gift Idea for Kids

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  • This LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Luigi Starter Course brings all the excitement into the real-world; featuring a LEGO Luigi figure for fun interactive family or solo play
  • LEGO Luigi has a colour sensor and an LCD screen to display many different instant reactions to movement and action bricks alongside his path
  • Luigi's speaker plays iconic sounds & music from the video game while collecting digital coins for spinning seesaw and flying challenges
  • Includes Pink Yoshi, Boom Boom and Bone Goomba figures adding action from Start Pipe to Goal Pole - look how LEGO Luigi figure reacts to them
  • The LEGO Luigi figure is powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included), delivering a highly interactive play experience with instant feedback


  1. The review below was written for Lego Mario but will be of interest to those considering purchasing Lego Luigi - which is a great toy by the way subject to the issues experienced with Mario set out below

    Had this for a month and my 9 year old has had great fun playing with it and some add one sets we purchased.
    However bought interactive Luigi set on Sunday and once we’d updated the software on the app and Luigi and Mario a big problem appeared.
    Although Luigi is fine and functions as required when interacting with all our action bricks Mario won’t interact at all with some bricks, will interact intermittently with others but continues to interact as normal with the remainder.
    Some of the bricks he won’t now interact with were ones we had before getting Luigi that he was fine with then.
    Tried all the fixes listed on which didn’t resolve the issue .
    Rang Lego customer services and after outlining the problem were immediately offered a replacement Mario which we have accepted.
    In my mind there is definitely something amiss with the latest updates which has caused this problem with Mario which is a great shame as it’s a fantastic toy! Come on Lego, sort it out! 
  2. When Mario lego was first announced, I wanted to hate it. I love Mario, I love Lego, & there's a way that I would have liked to see these things combined. These sets weren't it. Mario (& Luigi) look goofy (in fact the general aesthetic just looked rubbish) & I couldn't wrap my head around the appeal of playing with it.
    Then my son saw a set & begged me to get him some for his birthday. Of course, I eventually gave in. He loved it & I, in the process of helping him build the courses, realised I love it too.
    Honestly, it's just really good fun in ways that other more traditional Lego sets (e.g. Star Wars, DC/Marvel etc) fail to be. Yes, it's still a bit ugly, & sometimes flimsy, but you can really let your imagination soar.

    We're getting him this Luigi starter course for Christmas. I know for a fact he will love it & better yet, he'll be ready for the Luigi's Mansion sets coming out in a couple of months' time.  
  3. My son received this for his birthday. Easy to build, easy to connect and he has been enjoying playing with this one alongside mario. Compatible with lots of other Lego mario sets, and is fun to play with. Would recommend for any Lego or mario fans.