LEGO 71756 NINJAGO Hydro Bounty Submarine Toy Building Set

LEGO 71756 NINJAGO Hydro Bounty Submarine Toy Building Set

LEGO 71756 NINJAGO Hydro Bounty Building Set, Submarine Toy with Kai and Nya Minifigures, Ninja Toys for Kids 9+ Years Old

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  • Delivered in Frustration-Free box that perfectly protects the original LEGO packaging, it’s easy to open and made of 100% recyclable materials
  • The LEGO underwater vehicle features a submarine toy that releases a buildable mech toy for fans to stage gripping stories under the sea
  • The toy submarine has 2 spring-loaded shooters, 2 folding wings, an opening cockpit & a detachable mech, and it carries 2 cool mini submarines
  • Includes 10 minifigures from the NINJAGO: Seabound TV series: Scuba Kai, Scuba Cole, Scuba Jay, Scuba Lloyd, Scuba Zane and Scuba Nya
  • Also includes Prince Kalmaar and a Maaray Guard minifigures, plus 2 Wu Bots and Prince's chariot pulled by a giant sea creature
  • This 1,159-piece large LEGO set for kids 9+ years old makes a great birthday or holiday gift for LEGO NINJAGO or Ninja toy fans
  • Look out for more NINJAGO sets inspired by the NINJAGO: Seabound TV series including Water Dragon (71754) and Lloyd’s Hydro Mech (71750)
  • Also check on the Ninja Sub Speeder (71752) and Temple of the Endless Sea (71755)


  1. The product is awesome. Huge kit with lots of detail. Lots of minifigures which is always something I look for.
    Delivery was a huge let down. Delivery was delayed which was not an issue, however, when it was delivered, it was simply left on the doorstep as we were not in. This is despite adding a delivery option to say leave with neighbour. This normally would have been fine but we were away meaning that this was on the doorstep all night. Luckily it did not rain and luckily I have nice neighbours who noticed it the following morning and took it in. Most annoying element was that the driver marked it as handed to customer. A blatant lie. Very disappointing. Would expect from other courier services but really disappointed in Amazon in this instance. 
  2. I got this set on offer for about £75 and it is worth every penny. You get a lot of characters and the bad guys have some great unique pieces. The all in one breathing apparatus is good but they don’t fit well in to the machine while wearing them; the extra hair pieces mean you take the helmets of for play but it would have been nice to have one for every character. So in all the characters are great as is the mantra ray.
    The actual build of the submarine is wonderful. I love the design of it; it looks so stylish and has a lot of play features. The mech at the front of the sub is such a great little feature as are the mini subs inside the main compartment. All of this makes it great to play with the family: two of the kids can be characters in the mini subs, one can be in the mech and me and the youngest can control the big one - there aren’t many sets like this and it has already provided hours of family fun.
    Most of it is quite robust but the main ships have a couple of cosmetic fiddly bits that fall off regular (nothing that isn’t easy to fix). The two motors at the back are also quite breakable and I spend quite a while fixing them (but again it isn’t difficult and doesn’t require instructions).
    When it isn’t being played with it looks good on the shelf as well.
    Playability is very high: we all had a wonderful time playing with this, in fact it has encouraged us to buy more Ninjago sets. Some of the play features are gimmicks (like the opening motors) but the options for mini figures and the smaller subs and mech make this a wonderful set for playing.
    Buildability is high: it isn’t too difficult but it is a large set which means you get plenty of building. The engines are a bit fiddly and there are some stickers but not too many and they are generally quite large.
    Durability is high: while bits did keep falling off (the cosmetic blade pieces were particularly bad for this) the bulk of the ship withstood some rough play without serious damage and any small breaks were easily fixed. The mini subs are very durable and even the mech stood up well under play.
    Displayability is very high: I love this set! It looks so good and is a very nice design. This looks very good on the shelf and will be one of our main display pieces for a while. I cannot say ‘I love this set’ enough. It is really great to look at.
    Affordability is very high: I got it for an offer price which was a steal but even at its rrp I think this is a good deal (relative to the price of Lego) especially when compared to some of the Lego Star Wars set at a similar price range. I rarely buy the more expensive sets but this was worth the price.
    Final verdict: a great set that is a must for Lego Ninjago fans but also appealing to non Ninjago fans as well.