LEGO 75300 Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter Toy

LEGO 75300 Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter Toy

LEGO 75300 Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter Toy with Stormtrooper and Pilot Minifigures from The Skywalker Saga

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  • Features a brick-build version of the iconic missile-shooting Imperial TIE fighter from the classic Star Wars trilogy, with 3 characters
  • The TIE Fighter features an opening LEGO minifigure cockpit and 2 spring-loaded shooters for action-packed role-play adventures
  • Includes 2 Star Wars minifigures: a TIE Fighter Pilot with a blaster pistol, a Stormtrooper with a blaster, plus NI-L8 Protocol Droid figure
  • The set comes with clear instructions so even LEGO newcomers can build independently and with Jedi-level confidence
  • An engaging build, it makes the best birthday present, holiday gift or surprise treat for creative kids and any Star Wars fan aged 8 and up


  1. I bought this for The Boy as he is a big fan of the Star Wars Lego Franchise and particularly likes the Empire ships. He was thrilled to get it (seems 28 is not too old to give your mum a spontaneous hug!) and enjoyed the build overall.

    However, there is just something that feels a little bit "off" about the finished model. I put it down to the wings they just look decidedly wrong somehow and neither of us can put our finger on what it is. I have seen MOCs of this model with a more angled, split wing and they look 100 times better so that is probably why this just looks lacking.

    Like all Lego builds it is high quality with clear, easy to follow instructions and a the build itself is almost more important than the finished piece. The techniques are mixed up a little so it certainly keeps you on your toes and instroduced The Boy to a technique he hadn't used before - always impressive when that happens as we have a built A LOT over the last 12 months.
  2. We bought this affordable Tie-Fighter to strengthen and expand our Lego Imperial fleet. We already have a Von Reg Tie Interceptor and the Sith Tie Fighter but did not (yet) own the plain TIE fighter versions with the larger wings. Which leaves our Imperial forces at a disadvantage as our collection holds quite a range of Lego X-wing fighters. As such I’m actually looking to eventually get two of these.

    This more price-friendly version is a little smaller in wing span than some of its predecessors (75211). Yet it looks quite good and is obviously excellent for play. Therefore apart from its wing-size and wing thickness, it is generally a good iteration of this ship. The ship has an opening hatch for the cockpit, but little other play features. Once again some awful spring loaded missiles are included (Lego fails to understand that kids rarely use these for play and that more often than not these shoot in a random direction and then get lost).
    The mini-figure selection is above average. The Tie-fighter pilot is nice and I don’t mind to own more of them. The stormtrooper is a little bland, but a welcome pack-in as a troop-builder. However the imperial Ni-L8 protocol droid is the real highlight of the set, at least to me.
    The built of this 683-piece set was pretty straightforward for my 7-year old Imperial technician, it took him about an hour that he split in 2 sessions. And there were no stickers that required my assistance.

    Therefore similar to the 75301 smaller scale X-wing fighter this is nice set for the younger Lego Star Wars enthusiasts as well as a decent, inexpensive fleet-builder for others.
    As always, Lego is of the highest quality as a toy, the instructions are clear, the bricks are super-durable, and versatile as they can be combined with other Lego sets to enhance the play experience.