LEGO 75551 Minions Brick-Built Minions & Their Lair Set

LEGO 75551 Minions Brick-Built Minions & Their Lair Set

LEGO 75551 Minions Brick-Built Minions and Their Lair Display Models with Stuart, Kevin & Bob Figures

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  • A creative set that lets Minions fans build their favourite Minion character: build both Kevin and Stuart, and then rebuild Kevin into Bob
  • Each character features turning eyes and an intricate room playset inside, with instruments and devices, containing one of the Minion figures
  • Includes 3 Minion figures: Stuart, Kevin & Bob; kids can create inventions in the lab with Kevin or watch Stuart take a nap in his bedroom
  • Includes accessories, such as tools, hats and weapons; after playing with their creation, kids will love putting their models on display
  • Brick-build Minion characters may be a wonderful travel case - companion to play with when on the go or sharing role-playing with friends


  1. The builds are super fun to play with! You get a ton of extra pieces to build an extra Bob as an alternative for Kevin, but you may want all three Bob Kevin and Stuart’s ‘lair’, so this is what you’ll do: get on Bricklink and order the rest of the build pieces and you’ll pay a lot less than an extra set I assure you of that!

    The figures are really detailed and the print is finished as well as every other minifigure I’ve seen so far.

    The play value is tremendous because kids can not only play with the massive builds but also make them behave like a robot with the minions controlling them inside and do evil deeds with them as such!

    The bad: the figures have a different suit on each one and Lego gives you no alternative ‘Clothes’ pieces sadly.

    Overall, it’s an amazing set, the best of the whole series of sets of this theme. I will deffinitely get myself the rest of the pieces to build that Bob!
  2. Absolutely brilliant product this. The small little details inside the minion lair are quite brilliant and another fine example why lego always leads the way. The mechanisms are perfect to roll the eyes and the design is perfect. The only downside is deciding whether you want a Kevin or a Bob as they rebuild using the same parts where Stuart is stand alone. Top notch product tho with all the quality you'd expect from lego.