LEGO 76186 Marvel Super Heroes Avengers Black Panther Dragon Flyer Buildable Toy

LEGO 76186 Marvel Super Heroes Avengers Black Panther Dragon Flyer Buildable Toy

LEGO 76186 Marvel Black Panther Dragon Flyer, Avengers Building Toy with 3 Minifigures, Super Heroes Set

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  • The LEGO Marvel set features one of the movie's franchises most iconic aircraft, the futuristic Black Panther vehicle with adjustable wings
  • It features an opening cockpit in which a minifigure can be seated at the controls firing 2 stud shooters and dodging the enemy’s blaster
  • Includes 3 minifigures to inspire imaginative play: Black Panther, his sister Shuri and an evil Chitauri warrior armed with a power blaster
  • Kids can recreate high-speed Marvel movie action moving the 4 wings forward, backward, up & down to perform risky manoeuvres at max speed
  • This LEGO Black Panther Avengers kids construction toy is a special birthday, Christmas and holiday gift for Marvel movie fans aged 8 and up


  1. I bought this mid-sized set as an additional birthday present for our 8-year old son. Given the price point it makes an ideal gift - it will give you a decent selection of figures and a fascinating small craft. And of course it as a whole benefits from the very high Lego quality and super clear instructions.
    Both our children are very much into Marvell and love to have a range of the hero’s in Lego minifigure form - to play with them along with our modular buildings. So I thought he would appreciate T’Challa, Sheri and an additobal Chitauri baddie but he wasn’t overjoyed.

    Nevertheless, he did like the build of the 202 piece set , that he completed swiftly and with out my assistance. The final creation is quite nice, the craft can hold one figure, the wings can be adjusted and it’s comes with two stud shooters (the latter could have been left out in my view). My only two gripes are that a.) the craft can only lie in a horizontal position. And not stand up in a more menacing way. b.) The cockpit cover lacks a hinge so you will have to take it off entirely to place a figure in. Still I can’t complain too much given the price point and the target audience and would still rate it with a comfortable 5 stars.

    We have progressed quite far with watching the Marvel super hero movies in chronological order. And even though I would not want to see them again ever, maybe with the exception of Wanda, it was a great joy to observe the children’s excitement. Somehow and in contrast to the hype, Black Panther didn’t click (yet) with our youngest. 
  2. If your child likes the Avengers, this little dragon flyer, one of the most iconic ships from the Marvel saga would be a special treat. The set contains the flyer and 3 new figurines - Black Panther, Shuri and the bad guy - Chitauri, which allows to have great fun good vs bad.
    The flyer is not that complicated to assemble, I had to help my 5-years old a bit, mostly guided him to put he things in the right order, as the construction has many tiny elements which have to be put very close to each other on the shrimp-like tail of the ship. The cabin is mounted at the hinge, and here also mu boy needed a bit of help to join the two separate bits. The cabin has two laser guns, your child has to put attention, not to aim in the face while shooting, as these little guns spitting the tiny elements with some force, once pressed it shoots up to 3-4 meters.
    The only thing which I didn't like is lack of wheels or at least some kind of stand, as the flyer just lies flat. But when you'll take it to your hand, it looks very well.
    As always, lego brings really good quality of bricks, all elements coming together easily, also separating the blocks goes easily. Here lego never fails.
    The overall look of this flyer is really nice (see the photos), I am tempted to get the other flyer - the guardian's ship, but its very costly compared to this superb value Dragonflyer.