Linkee Game from Ideal

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  • All new questions! Shouty-outy addictive family trivia fun for all ages.
  • Secret ingredient of Anti-Genius. It's not just the trivia brains that win at Linkee, Linkee is designed so everybody can play along
  • Super simple only 2 minutes to learn and 30 minutes to play
  • No boring waiting your turn
  • Unfussy and no annoying fiddly bits
  • Color: Nylon/a
  • Number of items: 1.0


  1. If you look carefully at this listing, you will see that this item is "Linkee 3". I intended to buy Linkee (the original game) but did not spot the "3". We decided to keep it and to play it.

    I have played the original Linkee several times and I do not think that Linkee 3 is quite as good.

    On the one hand, if you have played through all the cards in Linkee, you will find this one indispensable as a source of new clues. Buy it and make the most of it.

    On the other hand, these cards are user-generated and user-submitted. This is not necessarily a bad thing (and each user is individually credited on the card containing his/her work), but our impression is that the standard of questions is more variable than in Linkee and some clues are downright obscure. The pack could have done with a little more editorial input to ensure a balanced deck. 
  2. Good things first: the game is fun. It's quick to pick up and we did enjoy playing it. The bad things: A number of cards are wrong. Not just one or two! There's one which asks "a spoonful of what helps the medicen go down" and it claims the answer is medicen and the link is things you find in boots. I'm sure you all know the actual answer is sugar which you don't find in boots! So that speeks volumes to the frustration of a game which is wrong. The makers obviously couldn't be bothered to check it was all ok so it just ruins the game. I'm very disappointed.  
  3. I played this with my girlfriend and 2 friends (all around 30 years old).
    The game is at a good level of difficulty, and it's extremely easy to learn and understand.
    My only gripe is that it is quite British language and culture focused. A lot of English saying and idioms which an international is very unlikely to know. One of our party was an international (with excellent English skills), but nonetheless it made some of the answers nearly impossible for her.
    All in all, I would definitely recommend the game however.

    In terms of value for money. The equipment is very basic. You are provided a notepad, pencil, and question cards, but only the question cards are actually required from the manufacturer.