Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron Pink

Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron Pink

Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron with Interactive 8 inch Pink Plush Toy

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  • REAL MISTING CAULDRON Watch as magic happens right before your eyes! When you finish your spell, real mist will rise from your Magic Cauldron! Something magical is happening inside...all will be revealed as the mist disappears! Who will you magically create?
  • MAGICALLY CREATE YOUR MIXIE The Magic Mixie Cauldron has all the magical ingredients you need to make your Mixie appear and come to life! Follow the Spell Book and watch as each ingredient helps to create your Mixie; add Sound Dust to give your Mixie its voice, drop in the Magic Feather to give your Mixie wings or stir in the Fizz Flower to add some color. Don't forget to give your Mixie a name by writing it on the Naming Scroll and adding it to the potion! Now say the Magic Words 'MAGICUS MIXUS' and prepare to be amazed!
  • OVER 50+ SOUNDS & REACTIONS Your Magic Cauldron comes to life through magical sounds and lights as it guides you through the spell! And once you've created your Magic Mixie, use your wand to interact with your new magical friend by nurturing it and casting spells together. With enchanting sounds and lights, you and your Mixie will conjure up all sorts of fun!
  • TAP! TAP! TAP! As you perform each step of the spell, the Magic Cauldron guides you with lights and sounds. Drop your magic ingredient into the potion and when you hear a 'Tap! Tap! Tap!' coming from the Cauldron, use your magic Wand to tap 3 times on the rim. Then you can move to the next step of the spell to create your Magic Mixie!
  • MAKING MAGIC WITH YOUR MIXIE You can perform all sorts of magic with your Mixie! Your magical little friend has 3 different modes that can be activated with your wand. Tap your wand on the Mixies Gem to perform spells or sit your Mixie on your cauldron while it chatters and mumbles enchanting magic words to help you cast spells.You can even tap your Mixies Gem to see if it will grant you a wish!
  • REPEAT PLAY AGAIN & AGAIN You can make real Magic happen again and again! Your Magic Mixie can be reloaded back into the Cauldron so you can repeat the spell for your friends! Refill packs allow you to redo magic mist reveals and perform new spells so that the magic never ends!


  1. This was fine for the 10 minutes activity then the fun was over. Certainly not worth the £70. Disappointed, certainly not value for money.
  2. This looks great & is on the top of my daughter's Christmas list! Hopefully all will be satisfactory... can't really say much else as it's hidden away until Christmas!!  
  3. I have no odea what some of these reviews are going on about - obviously didn't read the instructions or have poorly supervised children whilst using the toy.
    The mist fluid is a pretty standard item you'll find in most commercial fog machines (although this one is vegetable based). When used CORRECTLY there is no smell and the mist is just that, MIST. It isn't smoke and therefore DOES NOT set off amoke alarms. There are very clear warnings that using the WRONG SIDE (i.e. by not resetting the inside of the cauldron) you may indeed cause problems, but that's because you're literally pouring water into a speaker!! This is probably the best value 'reveal' toy I have ever purchased, and has kept my 9yo and her friends entertained for days now.
    1.You can put your Mixie plushie back into the compartment,
    2. You can use the gem case supplied to make other toys and belongings 'appear'.
    You can use it with just water by switching the 'spell' mode (it won't flip over or produce mist)
    4. You can buy spell packs and mist refills (a spell is a single use, 2 in the refill box) and mist refills are about 5 'creation' spells (where the bottom flips and you can make something appear).
    5. AND you can play with the plush separately.
    The cauldron comes loaded with the mist fluid, plus an extra bottle, and refill packs have another bottle inside. In terms of reuse value this toy is fantastic, and the refills are reasonably priced. Brilliant!