Magna-Tiles Clear Colours 100 Magnetic Pieces

Magna-Tiles Clear Colours 100 Magnetic Pieces

Magna-Tiles Translucent Colors 100 pieces

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  • 100 translucent, colorful shapes including squares (4 large, 50 small) and triangles (20 equilateral, 11 right, 15 isosceles)
  • Sparks hours of imaginative free play in children. Anything they can dream, they can create!
  • Develops math, science, spatial and tactile skills. STEM approved!
  • Safe, durable and built to last for years


  1. I got a chance to try out one of cheaper versions of it at a play date and in mho the magnets stick better here. Other versions are a bit more exciting with options for wheels and windows, but I'd rather invest in a good quality toy that would last.

    Could have left my review 6 months ago when we first purchased it, but I wanted to wait to see if the excitement will go away. Well, 6 months later, I can honestly say that this is the one toy the play with almost every single day.

    It encourages them to be creative, think out of the box and find new ways to challenge their abilities. They learn about the shapes, stability, dimensions and much more.
    A two y/o will focus on the colors and putting the lid on cubes, while a four y/o will build castles and pyramids! I'd recommend put all 100 pieces in a big clear box so kids will be able approach to it easily. It weights about 3 kilos so not to heavy to take with you on a long holiday.

    Sometimes, the kids are just an excuse to play with the magna tiles, and we find ourselves building shapes instead of tidying them all up!

    It's a hit in play dates (although the amount is good enough only for 2 children) and it would make an amazing birthday gift.

    Yes, it's pricey (and the price never go down!), but I look at it as an investment. It's durable, good quality and the fun never ends when you play with it. The tiles never break when someone accidentally step on them or even when they fall from the top of a 2 meters tower!

    Out of all the Magna tiles models out there is recommend buying this one. 100 pieces is great amount (to start with) and the clear colorful tiles make it much more interesting to play! Definitely 5 stars! 
  2. My daughters have been having lots of fun with their magnetic tiles. However, I was a bit shocked when one of the tiles lost two of its magnets without even appearing to be damaged. The rivet seems to have come loose, and the magnets managed to fall out as my children were playing. They aren't overly hard on them, but their structures naturally fall over and crash sometimes.

    I contacted the company directly about this, and they responded quickly offering to send me a new tile and telling me to check the others. The problem is that I don't know what happened to this one, so I'm not sure how to effectively check the others. While I plan to keep the Magna-Tiles, I will be monitoring them more closely and putting them away before any small children are in my house. My confidence in this product is reduced, so I wanted to warn others to watch out for this issue.