Mega Construx Pokémon Squirtle

Mega Construx Pokémon Squirtle

Mega Construx Pokémon Build and Show Squirtle

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  • Buildable and poseable Squirtle Pokémon building set that stands over 4-inches tall
  • ​ Squirtle comes with Water-type battle effect details
  • ​ Comes with bonus Dive Ball
  • ​ 199 bricks and pieces combine with all Mega Construx building sets and are compatible with other name brands
  • ​ Ideal for ages 6 and up, this construction toy provides build-and-play experiences to help develop creativity and problem-solving skills


  1. When we sat down to build this, our 7-year-old daughter built with Mum reading the instructions and showing the drawings to her. The instructions were clear and included a shadow showing you where to put things which we found very helpful. It took around 30 minutes to build.

    The pieces are slightly bigger than we expected which made it easy to hold and build with. The only part that caused any trouble was the head as it is all built around one piece and kept falling apart in her hands.

    The decorative pieces were in a separate bag which made it easier to find but the other parts were jumbled together which was a bit more difficult for her.

    The final product looks good and is recognisable as what it is supposed to be. Since building this, it's been displayed rather than actively played with for the most part but it is robust enough when built that it held up being played with by a 2-year-old without immediately falling apart.

    On the whole, we'd recommend this to anyone that enjoys building toys like this, not just Pokémon fans.