Melissa & Doug Super Smile Dentist Kit Play Set

Melissa & Doug Super Smile Dentist Kit Play Set

Kids Role Play Dentist, Surgeon & Vet Medical 30 Piece Kit with Light and Sound Including Electronic Stethoscope, Lab Coat Cap & Play Medical Equipment (Blue)

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  • DOCTORS AND DENTISTS: Carrycase 2-in-1; Wonderful play set full of accessories for the little ones. Perfect to take with you anywhere at any time!
  • CONTENTS: Carry case includes: glasses, doctor's clipboard, doctor's ID card, thermometer, stethoscope, tweezers, mouth mirror tool, syringes, medicine tablets box, sphygmomanometer (for blood preasure), pulse oximeter, toothbrush, dental probe, dentist drill and denture (plastic set of teeth).
  • PORTABLE: All accessories fit perfectly inside the case, leaving additional space for other bits. The case has a sturdy handle and a clutch.
  • BENEFITS: Ideal for recreational activities, early cognitive and concept learning, allows children to understand and start getting used to different aspects of a healthy life.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS & WARNINGS: Not suitable for children under the age of 3. To be used under direct supervision of an adult. Choking Hazard due to small parts. Batteries included.


  1. Bought as a birthday present for my youngest daughter who is going to be 3 and just loves pretending to be a doctor, she hasn’t played with it yet as it’s not her birthday until the end of the months but upon arrival I had a quick look at it all and all I can say is I’m really impressed with the amount you get in this! There’s loads which is excellent and all comes in a good sturdy carry case, really do recommend, it’s super cute 
  2. Lots of fun accessories for a low price. 3 Year old LOVES it.
    The Dr's coat is a little large for him, so just rolled up sleeves a little and happy it will continue to fit him for quite a while.
    There are lots of items in this kit and he loves them all. I hadn't realised that three items light up and the stethoscope, when pressed against anything, not only lights up but also makes a sort of heart beat sound, so that was an unexpected bonus. He really, really loves those pieces, especially that stethoscope and, oddly enough, he loves the chart with its pretend pen, at 3 years old he can't write but he likes to pretend to write on that chart with its pretend pen, I actually used some embroidery thread to tie the pen to the chart clip, to keep pen and chart together, so he wouldn't lose the pen, of course thin string or wool would work too, so I would recommend doing that but it isn't essentialat all.
    I added lots of little round stickers to the kit, as extra 'band aids', to top up the few 'band aid' stickers that came with the kit.
    I did, however, remove the two giant capsule pills before I gave te kit to him as I wasn't keen on him having those, plus I found that the tube that joins the oxygen mask to its oxygen tank tended to pull off too easily, so I just put a little bit of Selotape around that to keep it on, no big deal really and it did the job. Everything else in the kit is great.
    As well as all the doctor's medical kit stuff, it has dentist kit stuff. I have laid that aside just now and will give it to him in maybe 4 weeks or so, then the dental kit will seem like a whole different, separage toy to him. I may find a different little bag/case to put the dental stuff in or maybe just one of those draw string mesh bags you get in supermarkets like Sainsbury's and Aldi, for putting vegetables in, so the dental items are not mixed in with the doctors' kit. The dental kit is also great and it means this is two toys in one. He is likely to love the dental kit when he gets it, almost as much as the doctor's medical kit.
    I see a few people saying it is not good quality but it is as good as it needs to be and very good for the price. Unless the child is throwing the stuff around or stomping on it or pulling it to pieces it should last very well. The 3 year old I gave it too would not do any of those things, so it is to give him fun imaginative play for many years and for £16.99 it is a very good buy.
    This also conveniently supplies the 3 year old child I bought it for with this year's Halloween costume. I have been looking for a Halloween costume for him and most costumes cost as much, if not more than this entire kit and, for boys, the costumes for sale everywhere are all either super heroes or really scary monsters or zombies, so I could find nothing suitable for his age but the doctor's coat and hat that came with this kit wll be ideal for Halloween, especially along with its medical kit box and the stethoscope round his neck.
    I am very pleased with this purchase. Such a lot for of items £16.99 and lots of fun for any child 3 years old and older. Note that, as this product's description says, it is not suitable for children under 3 years old.